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There are occasions where people doubt God's goodness because they feel that God did not come through for them. This story may not do justice to every situation that people may have faced, but you would sure have a good understanding of why it may have looked the way it did, and of course see the way out.


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Does it feel like you are surrounded by challenges & negative situations? Are you at the point of giving up? I suggest that you read this story. You'd see how we fight battles without losing & without stress.


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There’s hope for you in Christ Jesus. As you go through this very insightful story, you’d see how easy it is to rise and soar above regression, death, stagnation and oppression. You’d be awakened and propelled into a new level.


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Have you ever experienced a breakthrough, particularly in an area of your life, only for things to suddenly come to halt? Do you pray a lot, yet it seems your prayers aren't getting you anywhere? Read this story and be Blessed...