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This story is an eye opener. I see sectors open to you. I see purpose discovered as you read this story.

“… The existence of darkness is as a result of light that has refused to shine…. ” This was her only response to me, after I popped the question.

Her response really got me thinking. I was curious to know how that statement actually relates to my question. Well, I finally summoned courage to call and ask for a formal meeting, so we can talk. Fortunately, she agreed.

On the day of the meeting, I arrived with a long list of questions. I was so curious. I felt like I urgently needed to find answers.

So, I started by popping up the most pressing question.

Me: Ma, The last time I ran into you at the grocery store, I told you that I was confused about my purpose in life. I told you that I feel drawn to some works of life, but been a Christian has limited me from these things. Then, I asked if you could direct me on how to find purpose within the walls of Christianity?.

Ma, your response got me even more confused. I didn’t seem to understand how it related to the question.

Oti Stories: Okay, I promise to make you understand my response and why I feel it’s the perfect answer to your question. Before then, I’d really like you to go into details. What are the things you are drawn to? How has Christianity limited you? What do you mean by “within the walls of Christianity”?.

Me: While I was growing up ma, I had dreams. I saw myself doing things that would redefine and transform different sectors of the society. I still recall how I would sit for hours and just imagine how the fashion industry can be improved, how the educational system can become better etc. I had alot of innovative ideas. And deep within I knew I wasn’t just thinking things through or imagining things. I knew those ideas were given to me to execute them.

Aside the inflow of ideas, I also had passion for these areas. Within, I felt drawn to work towards and look forward to the full execution of those ideas. So, I began to develop myself in those areas and do lots of researches

Oti Stories: How old were you when you began to feel this way?

Me: 10 yrs old ma.

Oti Stories: Great. So at your present age, what have you done so far concerning these ideas?

Me: Ma. That is the issue.

Oti Stories : How?

Me: I don’t want to sin. I don’t want to offend God. I don’t want to gain the world and lose my soul.

Oti Stories: Wow… So how has that got anything to do with taking steps toward to your passion?

Me: Alright, I’ll speak up ma.

I have passion and ideas for fashion design, song writing, music, acting, politics, writing and branding. I was so passionate about these areas. I was waiting to be done with school, so that I can begin to take steps. I had it all planned in my diary. I had long notes of my ideas and strategies.

I began to study and take down notes on all these area of interest, right from the time I was 10 yrs old. I read magazines, read articles, watched shows etc.. And every time I did, I took notes of everything I could do to improve on that area. I even have drawings and sketches ma.

Oti Stories: Did you come here with any of them?

Me: Yes, I came here with a few of them ma. Can I show them to you?

Oti Stories: Yes please.

(After spending about 30 mins of flipping through the pages of the diaries)

Do you really plan to do all these? From what I can see here, this is beyond innovation. This is divine. These ideas and plans are out this world. You are truly gifted. Now, what exactly is the problem?

Me: While I was in the university, I got preached to and gave my life to Christ. I began to attend fellowship very often. I got really committed. There, we were told that a Christian is not supposed to go into alot of things. We were told that it is best to live a peaceful and quiet life, so we would not get too entangled with the world. My plans were not meant to be under the canopy of Christian fashion designer, or gospel singer, or gospel beats or gospel anything etc. Because of that, I felt my plans were already out to benefit the world and not God. Now, I’m done with the university and I’m still praying to God to show me my purpose in life. I want to know what I would feel fulfilled doing and also within the walls of Christianity. I don’t want to go into anything that would make me sin.

I was told that when I find purpose, I’d have peace on my inside. Although, I have had ideas within the walls of Christianity, I really don’t feel fulfilled doing any of them.

Oti Stories: What are the ideas you’ve had?

Me: Ma, they had to do with getting a regular high paying job and living a regular life, that is free from been contaminated with the systems of this world. Again, at this point, I am also aware that for anyone to get to a certain height in this world, you must belong to some secret societies.

Oti Stories: Well, you are right. But it is so because light has refused to shine. Christians have refused to go into sectors because of fear of losing their salvation. This fear is not of God. It is a lie which Satan had told to Christians, so that he can dominate and have full control of alot of sectors. Whereas, God has blessed Christians to be fruitful multiply and to dominate the earth.

My dear, if you want be fruitful, you have God as you back up. Those secret societies are like territorial barriers that says; “for you to go father than a certain point, you must be a satanist “. This is so, because Satan controls those areas.

I am glad that you are a child of God. I believe you should know by now, that Jesus is Lord. And that, God is sovereign over all and the rulers of darkness.

In Colossians 2:15 the scripture says, When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him.

Therefore, you should not be scared of them. Just stay focused on the victory that Jesus has won for you.

Me: Wow! Ma, This is really encouraging. I can now see that it is possible for me to go as I as I intend to in this life, without having to give in to Satanic societies. Thanks alot for reassuring me that God is my back up. Seriously, I never knew this. I’d never really paid attention to the fact that Satan has already been disarmed for me. And, it had never really dawned on me that Satan is supposed to be taking orders from me, instead  of the other way round. I can now see the reason why he had to scare Christians and make it seem as though going into many of these sectors can contaminate them. He clearly knows that he cannot compete with them. I think Satan must be really subtle.

But I have one more question ma. Are there people anointed by God to take and dominate sectors or is it open to every Christian?

Oti Stories: Well, have you ever wondered why, most times negative tends trends way more than good things? This shows you the large extent to which Satan has gained control. Again, this trends are also aimed at irritating Christians, just to make them feel that those areas are too filthy to ever get into. An example of such is politics, fashion etc.

Actually, everything must not be under the umbrella of gospel this or gospel that. When a song is a gospel song, that means it belongs to God. But God also desires to fill up things that are not in any way about him.

By saying this I mean that, as a fashion designer, you can rise up to design clothes and fill them with the power of the Holy spirit. So, when people wear these clothes, they come under the power of the Holy spirit. Anytime they wear these clothes things work for them, habits break, depression is lifted, they are healed, the plans of Satan cannot prosper cannot their lives all through that day etc.

Even as a lecturer, you can lecture course that has nothing to say about God, yet the power of God fills your classes. So in your classes demonic activities cannot thrive, students come under the power of the holy spirit, they conduct themselves well, their memories are supernaturally sharpened, their understanding is divinely enlightened.

As a beat producer, when people listen to your beats (even if there there are no words) they are suddenly full of joy and hope. Any vehicle that plays your tracks on, are always exempted from accident.

As a politician, you may not have a tag on, to tell the world that you are a Christian. But you are politician full of the power of God. People can’t explain why their hearts are drawn to you. When they see or listen to you, hope suddenly comes alive in them. They’d just know that with you as their leader things will improve for them. People in other parties could eve go as far as begging you to be their candidate. The works of those against you, never prosper no matter how hard they try. You decide things and they happen the way you want. You actually dominate and transform politics with the power of the HolySpirit.

The list goes on and on.

Finally, please, do no be afraid to shine. Ephesians 5:8 tells us that ….one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Therefore, you should walk as children of light. Honestly, you walk as children of light by shining. Don’t be afraid of darkness. When light decides to shine darkness cannot overcome it, according to John 1:5.

Sincerely, THE AREAS THAT ARE DARK IN THIS WORLD ARE THE AREAS THAT YOU & I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO LOOK AT. Where there is no light , there must be darkness.

Me: I’m amazed to hear this. I have received courage to rise up to purpose. Now, I see that the main purpose why  a believer is still on earth, is to SHINE.

Oti Stories:

Before you go, I’d like you to repeat this after me:

I am the light of the world. The city set upon a hill. I cannot be hidden.

As God was with Moses and Joshua, so God is with me. God has called be to great and to take over. With God, No one shall be able to stand against me. I yeild myself to Holy spirit today. I give myself to intense and prolonged praying in the HolyGhost.

I step out to use my talent in the power of the HolySpirit. Through me God fills every sector that I find myself in life. Through me the power of Holy Spirit finds full expression expression and is maximally displayed of the works life on this earth in Jesus name. IN EVERYTHING I DO, I SHINE!!!!!

Written by – Oti Stories

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