I am Mrs. Elo Otiede.

I compose, narrate and present insightful stories about life.

Embedded in my stories are deep and important lessons to guide you through life.

These stories are wrapped in the transforming power of God. They give you a perfect picture of what God wants you to know.

As you listen/read them, grace is ignited in you and you’d begin to soar in a higher realm of God’s glory."
Mrs. Oti
Founder of Oti Stories

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Does it feel like you are surrounded by challenges & negative situations? Are you at the point of giving up? I suggest that you listen to this story. You’d see how we fight battles without losing & without stress.



This is a story that, will teach you the secret on how to get rid of thoughts that affects one’s life negatively. It will also enlighten you on how to intentionally use your thoughts to cause great positive changes in your life. This story is just the full package. Listen and be blessed.



This is a powerful story that would help you understand how easy and effective the fight of faith really is. In this story you’d find out how to practically live by faith and how you can never lose in the good fight of faith.



Are you currently feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life? Looking for a way to get rid of them easily and permanently? Please read this life transforming story…



If you’ve ever experienced any loss before now, you can still heal and have a good compensation for that loss. I’d like you to listen to this story to see how.



Some Christians have died without living the life God has for them. I plead that you don’t make such a mistake either. Kindly listen to this story and get God’s good plans activated in your life.



Would you like your harvest to you come early without delays? Do you want to learn how to harvest immediately and bountifully? Then you need to listen to this life transforming story