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Here’s a simple but effective and powerful prayer that I say before I Sow;

In Jesus name, Lord I thank you for providing this seed for me. Knowing and believing that you are my ever great reward. I fix my eyes and heart on you as I give and Sow this seed now. I ask for and I receive a hundredfold harvest now. I receive financial harvests, harvests of my needs met, harvests of debt cleared, a harvest of my lost years redeemed


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Eloghene otiede

Mama join me to Glorify God for what He has started in my life,since my pregnancy started I totally put my trust on Him concerning my baby items,last week someone called me to come and carry baby cot,baby baff and clothes,Today my husband brother in Spain called and ask me to send the list of what I wanted for my baby,my hundred folds harvest has started already in double folds,Ipray what God has started in my life to be permanent and more blessings in Jesus name, amen

Testimony on harvest 10, from Nigeria

I want to testify to the glory of God, I sowed into the hundred fold and God has began to bless me financially. I want to give all glory to Him

Testimony on harvest 9, from Nigeria

Gud evening ma. Happy Sunday ma.
God has use you to be a blessing to us. An unexpected job came in and on Friday after praying with the live broadcast in evening, I was given a surprise package wish I never expected. You said our harvest will come in different ways, it has started coming in. I’m expecting more in Jesus name Amen. I can see God here oo

Testimony on harvest 8, from Nigeria

Good morning mum…….its has start raining ooòooo. God of the hundred fold return…….I’m in shock….i didn’t expect it from that person at all…….My prayers are truly been answered…
God truly answer prayers ooòooo, my people don’t relent, I have seen it, and am still seeing it. Yesterday someone gave my fiancee and I some money for our marriage preparation unexpectedly. Thank you Jesus, because I know more are yet to come. Thank you Jesus, it can be only u Jesus.

Testimony on harvest 7, from Nigeria

Good afternoon mama Elo. How are you and your family? Thank you for always standing in the gap for us.

In my place of work, one of my responsibilities is to supply food items when the company have contracts for it. So, today i went to the market to get provisions for the office & in the process of exchanging pleasantries with the people I buy things from for the supply, one of them gave me meat while another gave me fresh vegetables that I should use it to prepare soup????????????.

I wasn’t expecting it at all. I thank God for this blessing & I await my bigger harvests.

Testimony on harvest 6, from Nigeria

Good evening mama, I have come to return all the glory to God of oti stories, indeed there is God here & am a living witness. Since I join this forum last year God has show himself great in my life. Is all about the hundred fold increase, when you announced about it I was like God how will I do this cos I don’t have much on me but I keep praying telling God that I can’t be left out, that I must sow & when the week comes the lord led into my heart to sow a particular seed but I was like I need more to sow & am expecting to get something bigger to sow but something happened day before yesterday, I saw a testimony of someone that sow 500 & it drop into my heart that I should sow the same amount I heard b/4 & that money is all I have both in & out but I sowed it & today God use my Aunty to bless me with money. Glory be to his name amen.

Testimony on harvest 5, from Nigeria

To God be the glory for Otis prayer chain. I have been so blessed since I joined the prayer chain two months ago. I sowed a seed (FOR THE HUNDREDFOLD RETURN) this week, believing God for a contract we quoted for on Monday. I was told the client has given the work to someone else on Wednesday, but our God did it this morning Friday 14 June. I was informed that we have won the contract.
Pls join me in Thanksgiving to the Lord God Almighty and sister Oti Elo ministries.

Testimony on harvest 4, from Nigeria

Hello ma.
I am one of the followers of Oti prayer chain. I was moved to sow a certain amount of money which i did yesterday morning. Today my very stingy boss gave i and a colleague a whole turkey to share. I believe its the beginning of my 100fold increase. Halleluyah

Testimony on harvest 3, from Nigeria

Good morning ma, I want to thank you so much for dedicating ur time to write life transforming and spiritual stories, I wa was SO depressed yesterday as a result of a Doctor’s report. But after reading your stories titled the “wrong move” and “early harvest”, I was refreshed in my spirit and I also received a divine instruction just like the woman in the story wrong move, I am so grateful ma!

Testimony on harvest 2, from Nigeria

Good day ma,
I really do not believe in all these sowing… to me i used to feel its unscriptural o. But something melted my heart yesterday when you told us of your desire for bountiful harvests for those who sow. I have never heard such before… so i decided that i will partake and i had even started to plan o.
This morning my husband transferred a good amount to my account .. and for the first time he said IT’S A GIFT JUST FOR YOU… Apart from house expenses he has never given me a dime just to do with it the way i want…. wowwww….. i believe.. i receive…

Testimony on Harvest 1, from Nigeria

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