My name is Maro. At age 10, I lost my mom and a year later my dad died. I had no choice than to go live with my eldest sister who was already married at that time.

I didn’t just live with her and her husband, they actually saw me through my primary, secondary and tertiary education.

It was cool for me throughout my staying with them until I was about to round off my secondary school education. Her husband suddenly changed towards me and the entire house turned into “Hell on Earth” for me.

He’d beat me up severely at every slight mistake I made. There was no doubt that he either wanted me out of the house or didn’t want to be involved in my tertiary education financially. I had no where to go. My sister was the only sibling I had.

I went through hell and when he saw that I wasn’t running away he told me that he was not going to take care of my university bills.

I spoke to my school principal about it and he helped me apply for numerous scholarships. I wrote all 8 exams from 8 different organizations and got 6 out of 8.

I got into the university and the scholarships were more than enough to see me through till my final year.

Towards the end of my final year, I began to get worried because I didn’t want to return to that house yet, I needed a place to stay till I get a job.

So I ran to my pastor. He told me to come to his house everyday to pray for 30 minuets. That was around December and I was going to graduate January the following year.

I kept going to his place as instructed and after I was done praying, he’d pray briefly with me.

In the first week of January, as I was praying, God spoke to me and He told me that I’d get a good job in July. That was very devastating to me. I was so sad and terrified so I ran to my Pastor and told him. He just prayed with me as usual and warned me to keep coming and not lose Faith.

Well, I managed to keep going there because deep inside me I was baffled. I felt God is a “Now” God. If He could do it why take it that far to July just to make me suffer?

I skipped a few days though and bluntly told my pastor that if after July nothing happens, I’d quit. During that time I was squatting with a student in school. I promised him that I’d leave at the end of July. He accommodated me, fed me and even gave me money.

Finally, July came and I did get a job. The Salary was about 800 thousand naira a month. I was so so excited. But that was just the beginning. 2 weeks after, I was selected along side with 10 others for a training but we’d need to first go through an interview. And just one of us would’ve qualified for the training in Germany.

On the day of the training, I sat in the hall for the interview with just one other person. The other 9 guys didn’t show up till the interview was over. Some of them called asking for a reschedule of the interview. Even the very best of them complained of traffic Jam, others running stomach etc. I knew everything was working for my favor because I had little or no experience to come out the best in this interview by merit.

Immediately the interview begun, the other guy who was sitting beside me began to shiver. He fell ill instantly and they were left with no choice than to choose me.

The next day, I was flown to Germany. Aside that my accommodation, feeding and pocket money was well taken care of I was also given the opportunity to travel to any place In Europe during the weekends.

6 months after the training was concluded. I returned to Nigeria and began to earn 3 times the initial salary of 800 thousand naira.

When God says WAIT! It does not mean that His intention is to cause a delay and it also doesn’t mean that He has not answered you. He only gave you more time to Pray in order to clear out every resistance and make your testimonies smooth.

WAIT MEANS … Pray harder! You’ll have it and surely have it in the best and Supernatural way.

During the period of wait, do not pray like you are still believing God to do it. Rather give thanks to God for answering your prayers, worship Him like you already have what you are asking for and pray in the Holy Ghost.

God answers by giving you a present wrapped up and well packaged. It’s in your position to unwrap it during the period of waiting.

I hope you have learnt from this true life story. Yes it is.

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