I went out to buy “Suya” (barbecue meat). As I stood in wait for my turn, I could hear someone from a house that was close by praying… so I began to whisper to myself “how do people even get to pray for long? I can spend the whole day watching movies but I cannot spend 30 mins. praying.”

So I told myself again… “It’s not by praying. Christ has done it for me. I believe it and it’ll work for me that way. I am not designed to pray. Besides, why is that woman even shouting? Must everyone know that she is praying?”

By the time it got to my turn, I had stood there for about 30 mins. I pointed at the portion of meat that I wanted and the “Suya” (barbecue) man began to prepare it.

God is merciful indeed to me I’d say. As he picked up the meat, it occurred to me that, that was the finished work of Christ. The raw meat was the answer to my prayers but in its raw state.

As he picked it up and placed it on the fire, I saw “Prayers”. I saw that the answered prayers in it self (the meat) could not be consumed or eaten in its raw state. It had to be cooked by going through the fire. That means it had to be prayed out to be received. It was like a movie to me… I looked closely and I saw that the meat was roasted with coal. Then I saw that the coal is FAITH, the Fire is PRAYER and the Heat is POSITIVE/ FAITH DECLARATIONS.

I was really marveled at what I was seeing. I thought it was over until I looked at him again and watched him pour the oil on it. Immediately I saw “Praise” and “thanks giving and sowing of seeds…..”. The oil made the roasting faster and that was what the oil signified “praise, thanksgiving, sowing of seed…”

By the time the meat was already getting prepared I began to see smoke coming out of it. At that moment I saw TESTIMONIES. Testimonies was the smoke that signified that the meat was done roasting.

I paid for my meat and began to walk home. I was so quiet within me for a while and then I began to wonder if I’d still be able to eat this meat.

When I got home, I decided to drink a glass of water, and then I opened the barbecue meat. Well, I began to eat it as soon as I finished drinking the water in the glass.

I don’t know how I picked up my phone and headed over to Facebook but all I know is that the first post I saw was


Immediately my mind flashed back to the Barbecue process. The eyes of my understanding opened and I saw that as far as the meat is on top of the heat even if the heat is too low, it would still get cooked, only that it would take more time.

That is why some barbecue men blow the fire with a hand fan to ensure that the fire doesn’t go off and to also ensure it burns faster.

I was very excited after getting that understanding …. I didn’t know when I dropped the phone, left the meat and began to jump around in joy.

From that day… I knew that I often fell asleep while praying because the devil didn’t want me to pray. I still fell asleep when I prayed after that day but I made up my mind that anytime I eventually woke up, I would continue the prayer from where I stopped.

I also applied the “Hand Fan” by always praying rather than waiting for a free time to pray. I didn’t care who was looking at me. As I walk on the road my mouth moves. I told myself that People may laugh now but my results tomorrow will make them say “that’s her style”. Whenever I am asked why I’m always talking to myself I tell them “I am doing some thinking and calculations”

I continued like that… I kept playing Christian songs that ignite my appetite to pray. I pray while bathing, washing, eating, operating my phone etc and whenever I get distracted, I don’t feel guilty. I just continue once I realize that I am distracted, because, I know that the meat will always remain on fire and that I only needed to keep on roasting.


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