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 Do you desire a sudden turn around? Do want the angels God has assigned to you to become very active? Then, you need to read this life transforming story.

I am a preacher and I have been into ministry for about 20 years. During the first 10years of my ministry, nothing spectacular happened. It was just mainly preaching. But I felt like, I was under a closed heaven because nothing was working for me.

5 years into my ministry, I decided to get married. I felt that things would get better. Lo and behold, on the day of our wedding, exactly at the time I and my lovely wife were joined, my eyes suddenly opened. And I saw a big angel descending towards us as we knelt before the altar.

I could still see the angel for about 2 mins. I watched him put his large hands on me and my bride.

I knew that this angel had come to help us so I was filled with so much joy. My expectations rose because I was certain that things had changed positively for me.

On that day we got a lot of cash gifts that amounted to 1 million naira, aside other lovely items that were handed over to us as presents.

I smiled for the first 3 months of our marriage. By the 4th month it suddenly began to feel like the well we had drinking from had dried up. We were visited by armed robbers and they took all we had in the house. After the Robbery incident, we couldn’t bring ourselves to live in that house anymore because of the emotional trauma we faced. That was how we became homeless.

I lived on the streets while my wife went to work as a nanny. We started working very hard so we could save some money to start all over.

After going through homelessness and hardship for 1 year and 3 months without any progress, I decided to turn to God. That was when I knew that all the while I was suffering, God had actually blessed me. I realized that I had been suffering for nothing.

On the day I decided to turn to God for help, I told God that, it was either He blessed me or He blessed me. And after praying all day, I had a supernatural encounter in my dream that night.

In the dream, I was taken back to my wedding day. And as I saw that giant angel place his hands on I and my wife, I heard the voice of God say to me….

“My Angels move at my spoken word. They know the scent of my Word. I assigned a very powerful angel to you. Those kind of angels are given to every married couple. They carry out assignments for the benefit of the couple’s home, success, and marital harmony. With these angels, married couples are supposed to experience speed, greatness, progress and success in all they do. This is often my gift to them because I am the founder of marriage. Marriages are never supposed to break up. All these years, these angels were assigned to you and your wife but both of you never used them.

My Angels move at my spoken word. They know the scent of my Word. All you needed to do was speak my Word that aligned with any of your desires. Confess My Word daily. When Angels hear my Words from the lips of those they are assigned to, they move immediately in line with that spoken word to bring it to pass”

After the dream, I called my wife who was at that time still living in the house where she worked as a nanny. I  spoke with her about the dream and sent her some scriptures to confess. To our surprise, after 3 months of constantly confessing without doubting that we had received our miracle, our lives turned around.

The wind of remembrance began to blow in our direction. Old time friends began to send us cash gifts. We rented an apartment and started a business that grew into millions of dollars in one year.

You see, God (the creator) knew the end from the beginning. He knew us years before we were formed. Therefore, He has recorded His creative words in the Bible so at the time of need, all you’d need to do is activate those Words by speaking them.

The Bible is a Gift to you and not a book of regulations. In the Bible are creative words, and divine directions. Take up your Bible now and begin to speak those words and watch those words create open doors over your life…..

Written by – Oti Stories

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