WHO AM I? final part

continuation from Part 2     ……God favoured me. In the middle of the night, I heard a loud voice that woke me up. It called my name thrice. Initially I was scared but I felt this calmness and peace that was so intense which made me fearless.

The voice continued..,

“I am your Jehovah, the almighty God. Why have you allowed lies to ruin you. Do you remember how it all started? The devil lied to you so you could look down on yourself and the moment you obeyed him you gave him the key to steal your identity and confidence but I have come to restore it.

Take up a pen and write this down…

This is who you are….

You are my child. A child of God. I am your father and you are royal. You have authority and power. That is who you are….

You are like me inside and out. You have my righteousness and you do not operate on the natural frequency. You are supernatural and divine. You say things and they come to pass.

Because you are royal no matter what you wear and how you look you would be honored because you are my daughter.

Ponder on this everyday. Read it to yourself always and recite it till it gets into you. This would guide you. You’ll never think low of yourself and you’d know when and how to exercise your authority. Kings and Queens do not struggle, they just say the Word and their authority backs them.

You’d begin to esteem, appreciate and see good things about others around you. You’d find yourself building up others because you know that you are in charge……”

I did just that and today people appreciate me every where I go. I rededicated my life to God and became committed to him. On my 50th birthday, the entire place was filled up just to celebrate with me. They kept on pouring praises to me. Wherever I go I am honoured because I am always conscious of who I am in Christ Jesus and not what I am wearing, how I look, what someone had said about me nor what I feel people are saying about me.


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