A victorious day to you! Thank you very much for joining me. Sincerely I appreciate you.

I am assured that that your TESTIMONIES ARE GUARANTEED because I pray tirelessly for every member of this team. Glory to God….

My name is MRS Elo Otiede and I prefer been addressed as Madam “Oti stories” sometimes.

You are free to add up everyone  you know.

Well, this team actually started some 5-6 years ago with just 4 people and it grew though we were meeting physically until God threw all of us to different parts of the world.

During those meetings God showed up greatly. Healings took place, demons were cast out, prophecies were given, words of knowledge were given, etc…

I soon forgot about it and was just living my life and doing what I was called to do WRITE FAITH BASED STORIES FOR EDIFICATION

I was praying for Oti Stories on April 12 2018 and I heard clearly to start a prayer team under Oti Stories. Actually to me it didn’t make any sense. I was instructed  to pray for 3 days about it. On the 15th of April 2018,   God (I love to address Him as MY FATHER) told me that this team is not about me but about Him.

So “I will let Him Lead”

Now that this meeting is an online one, it may be a little more demanding though it’s more convenient.

Please you should take everything we do here seriously

Let’s be very conscious that Our Father’s presence is with us here.

Let’s participate in the best way we can

I am not a pastor. I am just a victorious Christian following my Father the best I can. Yes. I have made mistakes but He has taught me a lot. So far, we have received countless testimonies and they are still rolling in to God glory. Wombs have opened up miraculously , financial breakthrough, divine jobs, spiritual growth, weddings, open doors, healings, debt cancellations, academic success, stolen items found etc. Indeed God has been good and faithful to us.


We have our victory prywrofrom 10 pm to 11 pm everyday. Every other activity is communicated to us periodically and as My Father leads

If you do not believe in God, You won’t benefit from Him. If you do not believe in the anointing of the anointed you cannot benefit from it. In other words pls do not make casual this TEAM.

God bless you. You are blessed!!!!