The laughter sounded very hilarious so we all turned to see who it was. Well it was Kelechi. Following the laughter, he said ”tell the police to release me after my confession or I would not speak!”. The police officers with me rushed at him to beat him up but I pleaded with them to leave him alone. I told him calmly that his request would be granted if he would say the whole truth. Then he began to speak….


”I and Paul have been good friends for about 10 years before his death. He was a very good person. We did business together so I can vouch for his honesty. In short we were brothers. I would never do anything to harm him because he helped me severally and I would never bite the hand that fed me.

I tell you the truth, that I wasn’t responsible for what happened but if I tell you I do not know who is responsible then I am lying to you.

When I left  the hospital to the police station, I got a text telling me to stop and that I was been closely watched. In the text my life was threatened. I was told that I would be killed if I ever went to the police or ever went to my house. I had no where to go and very little cash on me so, I went to a nearby town where I begged for food and shelter from a group of boys I saw hanging around. They persuaded me to join them in their business or else they’d leave me to fend for myself alone. Seeing that I had nothing on me, I  decided to temporarily join them so I could gather some money to start a new life elsewhere. We robbed travelers on the highway occasionally and shared the loots among ourselves. I was told they have been on it for some years and have never been caught but today  I am here with just 2 others who willingly surrendered but, the rest who tried to escape were killed.”

I am sorry about Paul’s death and I am no longer afraid to tell you who it was that killed your fiance ….READ THE FINAL PART