On getting there I was surprised to see Kelechi and 4 other guys in chains. Then the officer who had  called me to come over walked towards me . We exchanged greetings and then he began to explain.


He said those boys were high way robbers who were apprehended that morning while carrying out their operation on the expressway. He said a good citizen who got an information from a friend who nearly got robbed by them but was able to narrowly escape, called the police as soon as he was told. ”So we armed and disguised ourselves as ordinary travelers. On getting to where they had positioned themselves, they came to us to attack us. That was when we opened fire. They were not expecting us so they taken unawares. 2 died instantly, 4 were injured while those 3 willingly surrendered. When those 3 were interrogated we found out that one of them fitted into the description  you gave and looked just like the photograph of the missing best man you had dropped with us”.  …he said.

After the police officer had finished talking, I thanked him and then matched to Kelechi immediately.
I gave him a dirty slap and demanded for the truth. I was filled with both anger and tears. After about 5 minutes of shouting on him I broke down in tears. I knelt down begging him to tell me the truth. Yet, he didn’t say a word. His head was bowed and he didn’t seem to be moved at all. The officers told me not to worry and that they’ll get the truth out of him by themselves but I shouldn’t disclose anything to anyone.

2weeks after, I was called upon again to  come to the station. This time it wasn’t an urgent call. I was told that Kelechi was ready to confess so I hurried up there since there was no need to delay afterall the confession meant a lot to me.

On reaching there I saw Kelechi. He eyes were swollen and it seemed like he had been severely tortured. The interrogation room was set, voice recorders were out and put in place and Kelechi was ushered in bound hands and feet. We all had taken our seats ready for the confession to fall out when we heard a very loud laughter. READ PART 4