”Where am I? What happened to me? How did I get here?” I cried aloud. I had just woken up to find myself in the hospital. I was really surprised and confused. That was when I heard Sandra beside me telling me to calm down.
Sandra is my best friend. We have been friends for about 10years. She knows alot about me and she has always been there for me.

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Still on the hospital bed, I kept wondering what had happened to me until I saw a wedding gown hung beside my bed. ”Oh my wedding!” I exclaimed and then I began to think back, in other to remember how it all happened.  I remembered that,…….

8 years ago, I met a wonderful guy who proposed to me five years after we met. According to him, I was just the perfect woman he had always wished for as a wife. 2years after, we started preparations and then fixed a date for our wedding. Everything was so glamorous. In fact, there was no hitch at all. That morning I woke up with excitement knowing that I was getting married to the love of my life. I got dressed and was ready to head to the church where the wedding would be done. On my arrival I was shocked to hear that the groom hadn’t showed up and that his line wasn’t going through at all. Despite the shock I confidently told them not to worry and that something may had delayed him and that he’ll certainly show up. Then after waiting for about 4 hours I got a call to come to the hospital to identify a young man who had instructed them to call me. They added that he told them  I was his bride to be. You can’t imagine how fast my heart raced. Still in panic,  I hurried to the hospital dressed in  my wedding gown and with  my chief brides maid Sandra. On getting there I found  my fiance in a very terrible state.

On seeing me, he managed to mutter something and then he slept off. His best man was by his side when we got to the hospital. He told us that, they were attacked and held hostage on their way to the church by some gun men and after about 2-3 hours they shot my fiance on the right side of the chest and left. He went further to say that the gun men didn’t take anything from them and that he sensed that they were not robbers but  hired assassins from the way they spoke.

On hearing that I was gripped with fear because I was sure that nether I nor more fiance had any enemy that would want us dead more so on our wedding day.

I couldn’t return home. I was very terrified and also very concerned about my fiance’s well-being. After a brief test was run on the best man to confirm his wellness, he left to police station to report the incident while, I decided to stay back to wait till Paul wakes up and to ensure our safety before I go home to change. Then after about 2- 4 hours later the doctor came smiling to me. He said….
He said I could come over to see Paul. So I went straight to Paul’s ward. I was so glad to see those dazzling eyes gazing at me again. I was short of words and also very thankful to God for sparing his life for me.


Though he seemed to be in pains I could sense that he was trying to hide it from me perhaps to make me feel relaxed and stop panicking. I asked him if he had any enemies that wished him dead. I asked him if he knew the assassins and if they had by any means mentioned who sent them. But he answered No.. to the questions. I spent about 30 minutes with him and Sandra was with me all through and then after a while I decided to go home to change. I had not even left the premises when a nurse came running to us. It was about 7pm in the evening at that time. She kept shouting on us to come back even as she ran towards us.

From the station, I went to Kelechi’s house immediately where I was told that they last saw him about a week ago when he left for a wedding and since then he hadn’t returned home. I became more confused. So I called Sandra to ask if she had seen Kelechi but she said No.  I became more terrified so I went back to the police. There I was advised not to disclose my findings to anyone nor tell anyone that the matter is been investigated by the police. I was told to give them my phones why I used another phone number temporarily.So we stopped and waited for her to get to us. When she did all she said was ”please come back!”. I thought I had dropped any of my belongings behind or maybe Paul wanted to speak to me but on getting to the reception, I met the doctor standing by the door. He looked at me, shook his head and said, ”he is gone!”. ”Just like that? I can’t believe it!”  .. were the last exclamations I could remember that I had made and then I saw my self  lying on the hospital bed with my wedding gown hung beside me. Thank God for Sandra. She was still beside me all along. She was the person who told me that I had slumped after hearing the news of Paul’s death.

Yes. Paul died and I proposed in my heart to find that person who wanted him dead and for what reason. I was set to make that person pay severely for what he did.

So after Paul was buried 7days after his death I went to the police station where his best man had said he reported the  incident and to my surprise, I was told that, no incident of such was reported by the name I specified, on that day and at the said time. I was very astonished because I went there to ask if there was any news with regards to the case just for me to find out that Kelechi was never at the station that day. So I narrated what happened to the police officers and they were very keen to get to the bottom of it all.