I saved the number with which the text I received on my way from the hospital to the police station was sent.  Out of curiosity, I decided too find out whom the number belonged to. It was very easy. I added the number on whatsapp and searched for it on facebook to confirm. Well, it may shock you to find out that the number was owned by Sandra your best friend. I was very surprised. I don’t know why she did what she did but that’s all I know”. …He ended.


We released him after his confession and then we headed  to Sandra’s house for questioning. She was very surprised and confused. I guess she wasn’t expecting the police as  a visitor that morning as she felt she had left no trace behind for anyone to find out. At first, she denied it all but later admitted to the crime when she heard our evidence.

She confessed that she spear headed it all and was the one who sent the assassins. Her confession went thus…

”Yes! I did it. I was jealous that you were getting married to Paul. Right from the very first day you introduced me to Paul, I fell in  love with him and wanted him. Several times I was at his place to seduce him and we had sex on every occasion. I started by cooking for him and then finally worked my way into his bed. He promised me that he would break up with you only for me to later hear you two were getting married. I was furious so I went to him. I told him to call it off or else he would regret ever lying to me. He told me that I could do my worst and that he had everything under control from his end. I couldn’t bear the fact that Paul was going to be with you. I was consumed with jealousy so I decided to plot his killing. When we were to leave the hospital, if you could remember, I told you I forgot my phone in the ward that I was going to pick it up and that I’d join you in the car ater…..I actually lied. I went back to the ward to finish it up. When I heard he was at the hospital I felt remorseful and I was glad that the guys I paid to kill him didn’t get him killed but, when I saw that smile he gave you and the way he acted so that you wouldn’t see that he was in pain, I became jealous again that was the reason why I went back and suffocated hm with the spare pillow by his bedside.

I am really sorry. I never expected that you’d find out. Please do not turn me over to the police. I love you so much that was why I killed him instead of you…..”.

Well, undermining that I was glad that I had found the person behind Paul’s death I was really shocked, terrified and devastated that my enemy was actually my own best friend. A lady I loved so much and had sacrificed alot for. Sandra was sentenced to death by hanging after 5 years of hard labor while, I left the country months after to start afresh and to move on with life.  THE END.

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