On that very faithful day, I decided to stay late at work because my kids had returned back to school and I was left alone with just my husband. My husband had a meeting to attend that day, that would last till about 7pm.

Well, I worked at the government house and I preferred to wait behind, to do some extra work, instead of leaving by 4pm, so that my husband could come over to pick me up, once he is done with his meeting.

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By 6pm I was still there in my office, working on a certain file when I suddenly felt pressed. So I went into the toilet in my office.

As I was still making use of the toilet, I heard two people rush into my office and then, one of them said to the other;

No one is here. The office is empty. Let’s go to the next office”

On hearing that, fear gripped me. I began to wonder who they were. So I stayed inside the toilet for a while to observe the environment. From the toilet, I could hear foot steps moving, in a very fast manner and I could also hear doors 🚪 opening and closing.

I stayed there for about 30 mins praying silently in tongues until every where became calm. So I got out of the toilet 🚽 and then packed my things to leave immediately. As I got to the corridor, I heard the voice of the governor saying;

“Are you sure no one else is here? Did you check thoroughly?…” On hearing that I moved close to an ornamental plant and decided to peep 👀 down stairs. I saw the governor of my state, the deputy governor, some other government officials, a good number of frightening thugs and an Indian Spiritualist.

The thugs reassured the governor that the entire place was empty and that they had chased everyone away. After that the Indian spiritualist moved to the governor and told him that, he would be turned into a crocodile and after that he would be made to eat up a human being alive. He added that, once the ritual is done ✅ , he’d be turned back into a human being and that he could remain governor of his state for as many years as he desires and no one would ever be able to oppose, defeat or challenge him.

After that, the Indian Spiritualist began to strike the governor with a charm. It sounded like a plank wood and after about 5 minutes, nothing happened. The Indian man stopped and then informed the governor that someone was still watching them and because of that the charm would not work.

The governor got really angry and ordered his thugs to kill anyone they find. On hearing that, fear gripped me. I ran back to my office and climbed up the wardrobe. I felt so terrified. While I was in the top compartment of the wardrobe, I kept praying in tongues silently. But honestly, I was so so scared. I felt that was it and that they were going to find me. The thugs bounced into my office and searched everywhere including, the toilet and the wardrobe but for the intervention of our loving God, the thugs never looked at the top of the wardrobe. They didn’t find me and then they left.

Been that the complex was empty, I could still clearly hear their voices. They told the governor that they didn’t find anyone and that the entire place was empty.

The Indian Spiritualist, began to hit the governor again and in few seconds, I heard the sound of a big crocodile. The Indian spiritualist seemed pleased with what had been done so, he ordered the thugs to bring the young man that, they had kidnapped and tied in the boot of the car.

I could hear the young man, who had been kidnapped, struggling as he was been carried into the place. Then, the Indian Spiritualist gave a command to the crocodile to eat up the young man alive.

Right there in the wardrobe, my heart began to race. I became so worried that, my husband would have been parked outside waiting for me. I was fast enough to switch off my phone so, I knew I was covered on that one.

Suddenly, I began to hear the Indian Spiritualist scream. He said;

“I TOLD YOU SOMEONE IS HERE! The crocodile is choking. The person watching us is doing something that is hindering the charm. Let’s get out of here fast, to an empty place or else the crocodile would die!” That was how they bundled themselves and fled away. I couldn’t move from that place for up to an hour for fear of still been caught. Luckily for me, my husband was parked somewhere outside. So, I used the back gate and fled off.

But one thing kept ringing…..

THE POWER IN PRAYING IN TONGUES. Even though those tongues were mixed with fear and that I had no iota of faith in me, yet they were as effective as disrupting a very highly demonic ritual. What a wonderful gift God has given His children!. Praying in Tongues makes it easier to see results because, at that point, it is the HolySpirit who prays for you, through you, that none of your effort is ever needed other than your mouth 👄.

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