Mr Tat: Is your wife very hardworking, does she satisfy you and please you always?

Mr. Becca: Yes. She does and she’s very exceptional at that. She’s a wonderful woman.

Mr. Tat: She’s wonderful, yet she wants to leave you??? Then there’s something wrong!

Mr. Becca: What could it be Mr Tat…

Mr. Tat: Something very vital is missing

Mr. Becca: Really? What could it be Me. Tat..

Mr. Tat: The Relationship Spice…. “Joy”

Mr. Becca: Joy? Yes. I know that and that’s the reason I came to you. How do I restore that in my marriage? I don’t want my wife to leave….

Mr Tat: If you sincerely love her then You have to pay a sacrifice. Prove your love for her. Sacrificial Love ignites joy in any relationship. Joy sparks up love between both parties.

After that conversation, Mr. Becca kept wondering and thinking of a way to prove his love for his wife sacrificially till the next day morning which happened to be a Saturday.

Mrs. Becca was set to attend a friend’s wedding. As she was about to step out, her husband beckoned on her. It was quite strange because  to her all her husband cared about was his food been ready, his food properly cooked, the house well tidied and his clothes neatly laundered. He had never really shown any concern for his wife’s welfare or how she spends her day.

She came close to him and then he asked…

“Where are you off to dear?”

Wife: A Friend’s wedding.. Was anything wrong with the food this time?

Husband: Not at all. The food tasted nice. You don’t look good. Don’t you have any nice dress to wear?

Wife: (looking very surprised) No I don’t. Since when did you care?

Husband: Seriously? This is the best dress you have? No no. Please hold on. (He went inside the bedroom and came back in about a minute). Take this card and go get yourself a very nice dress for the wedding. How can my wife look this bad? By the way you can use up all the money in the card. It’s all yours.

Wife: Wow.. thanks.

She hurries to a boutique and then gets a nice dress. As she was about to make payments she decided to use the ATM machine next to the boutique to check how much she had at her disposal. She didn’t believe what she saw…. READ THE FINAL PART NOW