In the account was 10 million naira. She quickly called her husband to enquire if she’s got the right card but, she received the most amazing answer of her life.

“No sweetie. It’s all yours. You are worth more than 10million naira to me. It’s the whole of my savings but I have given it all to my dear wife.”

2 weeks later, Mr. Tat called Mr Becca to find out if they were still getting a divorce.

Mr Becca said……

” I thought I had an exceptional wife until I sacrificed all I had for her. She does the same regular things and activities around the house but this days with great joy, reverence and rejoicing. She goes out of her way unusually to make me happy.

That JOY you talked of sparked up and now we are so in love. Seeing the joy and gladness with which she does things around the house has motivated me to help her around with the chores sometimes. She’s been full of thanks both in her actions and words and that has made me a lot nicer to her than before.”

Mr. Tat: Good news bro. Well in my case I had to stop extra marital affairs. I didn’t want to influence your decision so I didn’t tell you….when it….(continues speaking on the phone with Mr. Becca)

2 days later, Mrs Tat and Mrs Becca met at a shop across the street. There Mrs Becca disclosed that she had realized how much her husband loved her and that she married just the perfect and sensitive man. She was so excited as she said she was really ready to grow old with him.

Mrs Tat smiled and said something that took Mrs Becca by surprise…

“….This is how most Christians are. They want to serve God but get all burnt out with trying to reach out to Him, pray and please Him. They feel their pleasing Him would cause Him (God) to love them & bless them.

They failed to realize that He had already blessed them by paying the ultimate sacrifice for their sins and that He also resurrected just for them to have and enjoy life.

When you see God as One who loved you even before you knew Him and that He has already given you all you need. You wouldn’t praise or serve Him just for Him to have a little pity on you and bless you. Rather, you’d be full of joy, thanks and rejoicing.

You’d jump at anything to express your gratitude to Him. It is only in that way YOU’D ENJOY GREAT FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD, GO EXTREME IN SERVING HIM AND NEVER GET TO BURN OUT, OR GET TIRED….

That’s the only way you can please Him as a friend.

You know Every one loves “Thank you” and wants to give even more to those who express sincere gratitude with joy. The same it is with God. When you are grateful to Him for giving you all things both in the spirit and physical, He’d continue to embarrass you with blessings you cannot imagine ….



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