Then one day as I was hawking bread it occurred to me that, I could sell my Late Father’s house in the village and use the money for business. I thought about it all through the day and then eventually decided to travel to the village with the little profit I had made from hawking bread. Luckily for me, I was able to sell the house before that weekend.


So, I returned back to the city, got a shop in one of the busy markets in Lagos, and stocked it with electrical items and appliances. Things went so well for me that in 6 months, I had gotten a profit that tripled my initial capital. Indeed, it was an awesome experience: ”from bread hawker to a big man”.

But tragedy struck one day as I was preparing to go to the shop.  I got a call that upshot my blood pressure. The section of the market where my shop was situated had caught fire and my shop was among the shops that were completely razed down before the fire was put off. , I fainted immediately and the next time I woke up I found my self in the hospital.

I was so depressed not because of the news but, because I had use all the money I had in my account to stock my shop the previous day before it was razed. I decided not to go near the shop vicinity because I knew I would have a heart attack. According to my sister, everything was burnt to ashes.

3 weeks later, the person whose shop caused the fire outbreak, compensated us with so little. To me it was about 2% of what I had lost. I had no choice than to accept it. So, I bought a car with the money and started taxi business. Things began to improve little by little, until one day…..READ FINAL PART