On September 1992, I and my friends/fellow colleagues, who were serving under the same master, decided to hang out for the very last time because, we were going to be Freed in a couple of weeks. That evening, we went to particular hotel that was then, the most popular and expensive hotel at that time. After we had enjoyed ourselves with some drinks, we decided to approach the prostitutes there. We asked them to lodge with us for the night and they agreed. So we all had a prostitute to ourself for the night.  Been the last night out, we just wanted to have fun together.

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The next day, we were back to work . When it was break time, we gathered again to chat and evaluate the previous night. We also aired our views on the babes we lodged with. They kept talking about the money each babe charged them and how they had to pay. They shared similar experiences of the babes demanding for extra cash in addition to the initial agreement. But, they all said they had no choice than to give them what they demanded for.

When it got to my turn to speak, I just kept laughing! I was unwilling to talk about my experience but, due to their curiosity and the pressure mounted on me to speak, I decided to open up.

After I finished narrating what I did,  they each of them suddenly began to get up. They were not pleased with what I did. They told me I was on my own. ”Please, don’t rub your bad luck on us!” …were the exact words they said. Well, it didn’t matter to me. ”After all, we would all go our separate ways in a couple of weeks” .. I thought to myself.

Days passed and the deal day was here! But it seemed as though my friends were right about their warnings to me.
Suddenly, something very terrible happened …..The day before we were freed, I got an  urgent call from the village that  my mother was very sick and needed good medical attention. So,  I headed for the village.after I collected my ”Freedom money” from my master

The state I met mom in was very devastating. It seemed as if she about to die. So, I  immediately bundled my mom and my  junior sister to the city so that my mom could get good medical attention. I seriously didn’t want my her to die just yet without enjoying the fruit of her labor.

I rented an apartment in Lagos and rushed my mom to a specialist hospital immediately after we arrived. There, a series of tests were ran and surprisingly, nothing seemed to be the problem. In fact, all the test results showed that my mom was very healthy. I was  even more surprised at the doctor’s report when I looked at mama. She appeared so sick that she could even die at that instant. Well, that was how it all began…

We took took her from place to place, hospital to hospital, herbalist to herbalist, yet, no solution.

6 months later, I started to run out of money. I had almost exhausted the 1million naira that my master settled me with and, after about a month later, I was completely broke. That was when my mother  suddenly began to get better. Her health miraculously improved by itself without any medical or herbal attention that, in about a week’s time she was back to her feet.

Well, I was thankful to God but, I was so confused on what to do. There was no money to survive and all my attempts to secure a loan didn’t succeed.

Then one day as I was hawking bread it occurred to me that,…… Then one day as I was hawking bread it occurred to me that, I could sell my Late Father’s house in the village and use the money for business. I thought about it all through the day and then eventually decided to travel to the village with the little profit I had made from hawking bread. Luckily for me, I was able to sell the house before that weekend.


So, I returned back to the city, got a shop in one of the busy markets in Lagos, and stocked it with electrical items and appliances. Things went so well for me that in 6 months, I had gotten a profit that tripled my initial capital. Indeed, it was an awesome experience: ”from bread hawker to a big man”.

But tragedy struck one day as I was preparing to go to the shop.  I got a call that upshot my blood pressure. The section of the market where my shop was situated had caught fire and my shop was among the shops that were completely razed down before the fire was put off. , I fainted immediately and the next time I woke up I found my self in the hospital.

I was so depressed not because of the news but, because I had use all the money I had in my account to stock my shop the previous day before it was razed. I decided not to go near the shop vicinity because I knew I would have a heart attack. According to my sister, everything was burnt to ashes.

3 weeks later, the person whose shop caused the fire outbreak, compensated us with so little. To me it was about 2% of what I had lost. I had no choice than to accept it. So, I bought a car with the money and started taxi business. Things began to improve little by little, until one day…..As I was returning home from the day’s hustle, I ran into another vehicle by accident. It was so serious that my car was seriously damaged beyond repair. But what amazed me wasn’t my damaged car rather, I was amazed at the other person’s car because it did not even have a dent. This really got me worried. In fact, it was then that my eyes suddenly opened to the reality that there was something not right about me.
So I decided to go see my pastor for prayers.


After I had explained everything to him, he prayed a very short prayer. Then he paused for a while and thereafter popped the question; ”Why did you do that to the prostitute?” ”GO LOOK FOR HER AND DO THE NEEDFUL”… he added.

Immediately, I had a quick flash back of what happened 2 years ago…..
I remembered that, after I had slept with the prostitute, I refused to pay her. It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough money on me to pay her. In fact I had 20 thousand naira with me. I just wanted to oppress her for fun.  It was a deliberate act and after she had begged and pleaded for her 7 thousand naira pay, which I refused to give her, I could also remember that she cursed me and then walked out of the hotel room angrily. I remembered she said that nothing I would do in life would prosper. She also said that I would die a beggar and that I would never be uplifted in life no matter the opportunity that would come my way.

Well, I regarded those curses as empty curses then. I felt she was too filthy and useless to curse anyone so I  kept laughing at her the whole time.

Unfortunately, all the efforts I  made to trace this lady proved abortive until I eventually found someone who knows her very well. But it was too late. She said that the lady had relocated to Dubai with her newly wedded husband a week before that day and that she would not visit Nigeria anytime soon

Indeed, I am still living from hand to mouth till date not only because of a 7 thousand naira debt but, because I had oppressed a woman.
Please learn from my story… No matter what a woman does for living never maltreat, oppress or look down on her. RESPECT EVERY WOMAN

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