As I was returning home from the day’s hustle, I ran into another vehicle by accident. It was so serious that my car was seriously damaged beyond repair. But what amazed me wasn’t my damaged car rather, I was amazed at the other person’s car because it did not even have a dent. This really got me worried. In fact, it was then that my eyes suddenly opened to the reality that there was something not right about me.
So I decided to go see my pastor for prayers.


After I had explained everything to him, he prayed a very short prayer. Then he paused for a while and thereafter popped the question; ”Why did you do that to the prostitute?” ”GO LOOK FOR HER AND DO THE NEEDFUL”… he added.

Immediately, I had a quick flash back of what happened 2 years ago…..
I remembered that, after I had slept with the prostitute, I refused to pay her. It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough money on me to pay her. In fact I had 20 thousand naira with me. I just wanted to oppress her for fun.  It was a deliberate act and after she had begged and pleaded for her 7 thousand naira pay, which I refused to give her, I could also remember that she cursed me and then walked out of the hotel room angrily. I remembered she said that nothing I would do in life would prosper. She also said that I would die a beggar and that I would never be uplifted in life no matter the opportunity that would come my way.

Well, I regarded those curses as empty curses then. I felt she was too filthy and useless to curse anyone so I  kept laughing at her the whole time.

Unfortunately, all the efforts I  made to trace this lady proved abortive until I eventually found someone who knows her very well. But it was too late. She said that the lady had relocated to Dubai with her newly wedded husband a week before that day and that she would not visit Nigeria anytime soon

Indeed, I am still living from hand to mouth till date not only because of a 7 thousand naira debt but, because I had oppressed a woman.
Please learn from my story… No matter what a woman does for living never maltreat, oppress or look down on her. RESPECT EVERY WOMAN

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