”The best ingredient to ambition is Zeal!” …they say. But I would rather say that, the best ingredient to ambition is Priority and Diligence.

Everyday I seat right in front of these graves, wishing I could undo some things. Unfortunately, there is a limit to what I can do and undo because I am not God. I feel writing to ‘’Oti Stories’’ would give me some degree of relief because
I would be able to stop a great deal of readers from stepping into the same shoes that has brought me to the point of sitting before these  graves everyday. Well, it all started after I attended a seminar back then in School, 100level to be precise…….


“Wow! I must step up my game … “ I said to myself with great determination, after listening to a female speaker who talked so much about feminism, about women being in control, about attaining goals that would place you in key positions no matter the cost.

One could say that, that was  me been positively influenced. Hmmm… Maybe I was  (sighs).

So, I began to study hard, and harder. I didn’t care about the cost. Yes. I paid the price; neglecting my looks, had no social life, spent more on educational materials, barely ate etc. Thank God, I graduated successfully with a first class.

2 years later, even after I got a job, after job hunting for about 10 months the words of that lady at the seminar were still very fresh to me. In fact, back then in school, I made her words my screensaver, and wrote them on places I could easily  see them until, it built up a passion in me which later turned into an obsession. Then, I felt if I could graduate with a first class, only then would I succeed. But it was a great shock to me that on most of my job interviews, candidates who graduated with lower grades were always preferred to me.  Do you want to know why? You’ll find out later as you read. Back to the Story!

Still trying to get my feet on the ground, I met this cool guy named  Kyle, and we got married 18 months after we met. Life was pretty smooth. I had a decent job, happily  married to a comfortable guy who happens to be a visionaire

One Saturday afternoon, as I was doing my shopping at the mall, I met someone…..

AMAKA: Excuse me lady… you look familiar! Aren’t you…..

ME: A…..M….A…K…..A…… right?

LADIES: WOWWWW! (exchanges pleasantries..)

AMAKA: News Flash! Look, I have found our brainee. I hope you made good use of your first class. Gosh, I have to leave now…..

ME: (Drop in smile)

AMAKA: (dips hand in bag) …. Here’s my card. Call me anytime, please…. (runs off)

ME: (Puts card in bag and returns to shopping), (thinking)… wow, look that is the  Amaka I used to look down on in  school…. She’s feeling important… I wonder what she does now… well she’s looking good though… Well, looks are deceptive……(continues shopping)

KYLE: Welcome babe… how was shopping? You forgot your card on the dinning table…. I hope you didn’t run out of cash…. Did you even notice that……….. wait… are you crying??? What’s the matter again? Did I just say something wrong? (puts down his laptop and draws closer to his wife)

ME: (fakes smile in tears and hands a piece of well designed paper to her husband, gets up and walks out of the room)

KYLE: (looking very confused) What is the meaning of this? (bash…. The slam of the bedroom door as his wife steps out the kitchen.


That day was the beginning of it all. Days passed by, then months and my wife would barely speak to me nor the kids (Henry and Harriet; 15 and 13 years old respectively)

She kept crying and minding her own business. I kept asking my wife what the problem was, but she would never say anything meaningful.

After about 6 months, something strange happened. I was at work when my phone rang…wow, it was my wife calling…

KYLE: he…l…l…..o

WIFE: Yea… Good afternoon. Please I need a favour from you.  Do you still have that stuff I gave you? Please text me directions to where you kept it.

(Hangs up)

I knew exactly what she meant. And when she handed that piece of paper to me I decided to keep it because I was confused but something in me felt her recent attitude was linked with it.

At last!, she was ready to talk for the first time about her recent attitude that evening.

WIFE: You see this paper? It belongs to …………… WIFE: You see this paper? Hmmm, It belongs to Amaka. Amaka was a very dull and unserious classmate. She virtually bribed her way through school. Then, I would mock her terribly telling her she had no future and that she would eventually amount to a nobody. I looked down on this lady because, I was better, a lot better than her. I was proud. In fact, she was a nobody to me.

Dear, Please read the content of this paper. ( stretches out her right hand, as she hands over the paper to her husband)


On my way back from the mall, at a certain traffic jam, I decided to reach out to my hand bag in order to get my phone, when the card  Amaka gave me at the mall  accidentally drifted into my hands. So, I decided to take a look at it.



Immediately, I understood why she made fun of me at the mall…. ‘’…look! I have found the Braine…. Bla bla bla nonsense she said’’

Look at me! A wife and a mother is all I amounted to. Amaka has the life  I wanted. For now, I have met only Amaka. I just wonder what those other dummies have now become…….