poly bag full of books and a bible, kissed my head and said GOD BE WITH YOU MY DEAR. Please remember not to hide the treasure.



I was in awe of what I heard. I grabbed the bag, thanked her with my heart and ran home. 2 mins after I got to the house my aunt woke up and was calling on me to get her a glass of water. I was so glad that I got home just in time.


Starting from that day, I  stayed up all night reading each book. Before I start I often prayed a short but sincere prayer. I told the Lord to help, guide, speak and reveal Himself to me. On the first night, I didn’t seem to understand any thing but I was convinced to just read on after remembering all that the woman at the bookstore told me had happened. I noticed that despite the stressful day, I didn’t feel sleepy at all until about 4 am. Even though I slept for just an hour and woke up by the usual 5 am, I felt very strong  and alert through out the day.


I continued every night. I learnt how to pray always , how to walk in faith etc and as I began to apply everything I read believing in the finished work of Christ,  my aunt’s attitude towards me began to change. She started to treat me well and soon placed me over her business. She kept telling me that I radiate and would love to know the secret but I just smiled. I jealously guarded my relationship with the Lord and believed that it was a gift from the Lord to me only.


10 years later she passed away and as I went through her belongings I saw a piece of paper where she wrote “I WISH I COULD GLOW AS GREY GLOWED”



The business she handed over to me was doing so well as I applied the Supernatural to it. Then one day a close friend who seemed to have accommodation issues moved in with me. She observed that I read all night and presumed that it was my secret to the good life I had but I just smiled. I avoided talking about it. Then on the day of her wedding she handed over to me a box with a note that said “IF YOU WOULD NOT SAY IT, KEEP IT HERE”. Well my friend is a very funny lady so I laughed at another joke of hers.

2 years later, I got married, but lost my husband 6 months after our 7th year marriage anniversary. Stanley loved me so much and always told me that I glowed and that everything seemed easy for me. But I just smiled as usual.

He died from a heart attack. Though he was a Christian, he suffered severe depression because things were not working well with him. Well, even though I was consigned, I never did anything about it.