It was because I felt that my relationship with God and His grace at work in me was personal to me and my affairs only.



I was actually living victoriously. I knew how to use my authority and my prayers were very effective. I spent time worshipping the Lord and I had several personal encounters with the Lord Jesus. Then one day as I was worshipping I had a vision and then saw a treasure hidden very far in a very deep Well and I saw a lot of people stretching their hands toward the treasure lying inside the Well. After all attempts to reach it proved abortive, they began to cover up the Well with sand and then I screamed NO…….

I didn’t understand the dream so I prayed to the Lord about it…. and then He said to me…..



“I have favoured you for just one reason. I taught you a secret that everyone needs to know.

People are perishing and living in bondage because they do not know that I have done it all. I taught you that the fall of man brought Man into slavery to Satan. But I didn’t want to let go of Man because he is precious to Me so I gave him a way to reign over the devil and to have a little access to me. I told him to make sacrifices of animals since it could look as though animals do not commit sin.

Yes Sacrifices because “the blood “ is very powerful. When Abel was killed his blood cried out and in such manner the blood of animals sacrificed for the remission of sins cry out  MERCY, speaks against Satan and frees Man from slavery to become MY PEOPLE  . But because the blood of animals is not commensurate with the blood of a man who actually sinned, Man was still getting accusations from satan which made the sacrifice temporary and almost ineffective. But out of my Love for Man I had to make the tariff of the sacrifice last  for as long as a year because, I am JUST and FAITHFUL to my WORD (”the soul that sins shall die”) …. yet I wanted MAN to live,  so, in other to keep you alive, an animal had to die for the sake of your sins every year.

But, I wasn’t satisfied so I longed for a JUST-ONCE AND FOR ALL sacrifice. A fellow Man had to be sacrificed but there was no man on Earth  without sin. So I decided to do it for my love for Man.  I CAME FOR YOU. I BECAME GOD AND MAN…. THE PERFECT LAMB.

I was sacrificed by you just as you’d sacrifice an animal to silence the voice of the accuser the devil. I DIED YOUR DEATH AND WENT TO HELL FOR YOU.  I am resurrected now, and as long as I live the blood that was shed is always available. I KEEP BLEEDING FOR YOU. This blood is very powerful because it is from a GOD and MAN personality called JESUS CHRIST. It has formed the foundation of a new life. Now you have FULL access to me, your maker and lover. No man can ever ever be accused if only he’d believe and build his/her life around this…..”


Now this is my secret…

When I pray, praise, worship, decree, fast, do my business etc with the consciousness that the THE BLOOD IS COVERING ME, all that God has in stall for me as the product of His love for me begins to manifest because He has taken the Key that the devil had used in locking and depriving me of God’s love.

I now know that the Lord did not just teach me this just for me to use it alone. It wasn’t a personal privilege. IT IS FOR ALL. COME INTO HIS LOVE.


I also remembered what the woman at the book store told me years ago

”…she kissed my head and said GOD BE WITH YOU MY DEAR. Please remember not to hide the treasure.”

I repented of hiding this treasure and I have been preaching this allover the world. Today the Lord said he wants to take me home upon the waters. He said that a ship was going to sink and that not one of the passengers are saved and so He wants me to write down the treasure into that golden box that my friend had given me years ago on her wedding day. I reached out for it and saw that it wasn’t just a box but a book. He told me to sail on that ship with the golden box/book and to also reveal the treasure to all who would be on the ship. He said that He’d cause a deep sleep to come over all of us just before the ship wreckage so we would not have to go through the agony of drowning. We all on that ship, big and small, young and old, as many that would receive Him would be with Him in heaven forever.

Only God knows how this book would be found but I know He who had preserved me would preserve it.

THANK YOU!””””””’

After reading this book, I didn’t actually break down in tears. Rather, I leaped for joy, I rejoiced! I jumped around glorifying the Lord. I kept on screaming “I AM FREE”

Well, I and Nick did sell the gold box and made lots of money from it but we didn’t forget to keep the 10 pages in it safe with us. We didn’t use the money on ourselves rather we have been using it to spread THE HIDDEN TREASURE from place to place, countries to countries and around the continents of the world.



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