It was as though I was charmed and by the time I realized myself and became cautious of what was going on, I was already putting on my underwear. I kept silent throughout the drive and made up my mind not to ever go back to the office once I stepped my feet out of his car.

He didn’t even bother talking to me till we reached my house and waved me good bye as I slammed the door of the car.
I was very ashamed of myself and full of guilt. It made me very cold towards my husband that evening and by morning I had a rethink. I thought to myself “if I stop going to work just like that my husband would suspect something had happened, moreover I had also used the money I had on me to settle some bills which has left my account empty. Well, it happened just once and I would ensure it wouldn’t happen again”.
So, I dusted myself from the bed and prepared for work. On getting to the office I saw an envelope with a ribbon pinned to it on my desk. I immediately assumed that I had been sacked so I picked it up and headed home. On getting home, I opened it and I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t a sack letter. Rather, it was a 1 million naira check. To cut the long story short, that was how my affair with my boss began but I was smart about it so my husband doesn’t find out.
On the other hand, My husband is a very good man. He’s a faithful husband, a great father and a very understanding person with very correct instincts. It made me always feel guilty every time I cheated on him with my boss but my boss always consoled me with fat checks.
Then one day as I was going to the rest room at work I heard 2 female staff discussing so I decided to hide somewhere to listen to what they were saying when I over heard my boss’s name been mentioned.
I listened to the entire discussion and hot sweat began to perspire from me. I was really uneasy about what I heard that it made me pee in my pants. In fact I managed to keep calm till the ladies finished their discussion and left. All…. READ THE FINAL PART