Hello house!! I got a job 2 months after my first child clocked one after job hunting for about 10 years.

That day I felt so excited that I couldn’t wait for my husband to return from work. I couldn’t believe that I would now join the women who live in my neighborhood to hurry every morning to work. Ever since we married and moved to that neighborhood, neighbors have been asking questions about what I do for a living. At a time, a rumor went out that I was an uneducated housewife. I don’t know who started the rumor but one thing I was sure of was that the rumor really spread far to the extent ladies from 2-3 streets away would point fingers as I walked past. Well, I felt they were all jealous because of my looks. I never allowed my been unemployed stop me from dressing well and even better that the other women in my neighborhood so, that made me conclude easily that they were only been jealous.

That day my husband returned a bit late from work. When he came in he looked at me with surprise then he asked “what happened today?”. I wasn’t expecting such a question so I asked him why he asked that question since I was sure that no one else had known about my employment that day. But he just smiled without saying a word and then went straight to the dining table.
2 minuets Into his meal I broke the news. He gave a long loud laugh and said, “no wonder you didn’t frown at my returning late from work today…. I see…congrats babe…”. So, I went further to give him details about the job. Then, his smile suddenly dropped when I told him I was going to be the company’s secretary to the MD.
He said he didn’t like the job and that I should decline. That was the craziest thing I never expected my husband could say.  I got furious at him and then walked away.
Weeks went by and we were not communicating with one another. He was bent on his decision and I was bent on mine. On few occasions, I asked him why he didn’t want me to take the job but he replied that he had no reason at all and that he didn’t just feel right about the job. Of course I can’t just quit the job because my husband doesn’t feel right about it. I told him that he didn’t have enough reason for me to quit the job: a high paying one at that. I told him not to worry and that he would certainly feel right about it once I begin to receive my fat salary.
Few days after the confrontation, we finally returned back to talking terms and a week after, I was paid my first salary. I was well paid and my salary always paid consistently without delays.
But to my utmost amazement…… It was only 10months after my employment that my eyes were eventually unveiled and I could clearly see what my husband could see at once.
That day we had a lot to do at the office that everyone, even my boss had to stay extra time.

Worse off I had the greatest heap to finish so I stayed really late compared to others. On seeing this and considering the fact that I was married, my boss decided to stay back till I finished so he could drop me off. Of course I was very grateful so, I hurried on my job till I was done and then I went over to his office to let him know that I was ready to go.

He nodded, smiled then told me to sit and that he would like to discuss something with me. That I did, and he began…
“Mrs Galo I really love your dedication to work undermining your commitment as a wife and a mother. I saw that work focused spirit in you on the day of your job interview that was why I got you employed. You are just what the company needs at a time like this. Please could you tell me more about yourself and how you got to develop such work focused spirit?”
I thanked him and told him how long I had sought for a job and how ready I was to give my all to the job I would eventually get. I told him I have an unquenchable zeal to succeed and that I am very determined to rise to the peak of my career.
After listening to me, he screamed WOW! rose up, walked up to me and asked me for a hug. He claimed that he was highly impressed and that he felt like giving me a hug as an appraisal for my determination and compensation for the long wait and search for a Job. That was it….
 It was as though I was charmed and by the time I realized myself and became cautious of what was going on, I was already putting on my underwear. I kept silent throughout the drive and made up my mind not to ever go back to the office once I stepped my feet out of his car.
He didn’t even bother talking to me till we reached my house and waved me good bye as I slammed the door of the car.
I was very ashamed of myself and full of guilt. It made me very cold towards my husband that evening and by morning I had a rethink. I thought to myself “if I stop going to work just like that my husband would suspect something had happened, moreover I had also used the money I had on me to settle some bills which has left my account empty. Well, it happened just once and I would ensure it wouldn’t happen again”.
So, I dusted myself from the bed and prepared for work. On getting to the office I saw an envelope with a ribbon pinned to it on my desk. I immediately assumed that I had been sacked so I picked it up and headed home. On getting home, I opened it and I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t a sack letter. Rather, it was a 1 million naira check. To cut the long story short, that was how my affair with my boss began but I was smart about it so my husband doesn’t find out.
On the other hand, My husband is a very good man. He’s a faithful husband, a great father and a very understanding person with very correct instincts. It made me always feel guilty every time I cheated on him with my boss but my boss always consoled me with fat checks.
Then one day as I was going to the rest room at work I heard 2 female staff discussing so I decided to hide somewhere to listen to what they were saying when I over heard my boss’s name been mentioned.
I listened to the entire discussion and hot sweat began to perspire from me. I was really uneasy about what I heard that it made me pee in my pants. In fact I managed to keep calm till the ladies finished their discussion and left. All…. All through the day I was completely lost at the eaves dropped discussion. So I finally resolved to quit the job and get myself tested because from the discussion, the previous secretary of the boss who had resigned 6months ago due to health challenges  died of HIV a week ago.
Though I didn’t believe her HIV status had anything to do with my boss, I wasn’t very comfortable because if my boss could have an affair with me who is married then he could have also had an affair with her who was unmarried. So even though I was relunctant about getting tested I also felt there was a need to.
That same week, I went for the test and I got the shock of my life. I was HIV positive. It was at that point that I Suddenly remembered that I had seen my boss take some drugs regularly and every time I asked what they were for, he would say “hypertension”.
I was broken. I was bitter, confused and terrified so I called my boss and told him of my test results. Well, he didn’t say a word rather he hung up on me. Then, that very instant I sent him a text of resignation.
For about 2 months, I couldn’t eat. Though I tried to keep up a bright face at home mostimes I often ran into the bathroom to cry. Meanwhile I told my husband that I was fired and that I would want to stay off job seeking for a while since I had been able to save up a good amount of money from my recent job. I told him I had 2 million naira in my account whereas the actual money in my account was 15 million naira. I had that much because I wasn’t spending the money my boss was giving me. He gave me 500k each time we went out together and other times a million naira.
Well, My husband was glad I was no longer working there. He said he felt some sought of relief inside. “Only if he knew I was already HIV POSITIVE” …I thought to myself. Every time I had to go to the hospital for my drugs and for check up, I told him I was going to the market. So each time I was done with the hospital I always went to the market to get a few things so that he would not notice anything.
Then 6 months after my husband fell sick. I know you’d think he had gotten HIV too but I was sure he hadn’t because I made him use condom any time we slept together. I did so under the excuse of not wanting to conceive another baby yet. So, we began to treat typhoid and malaria. At first he began to recover and just when he was getting really strong and stable he became ill again. This time, worse  than before so we went to the hospital where he was admitted. They ran a series of test on him and found out that he had AIDS.
My husband screamed. He kept shouting “I have never cheated on my wife!” But they managed to calm him down and convince him that he may had gotten it from the barbing salon.
I felt pity for him but I couldn’t just bring myself to tell him the truth. Unfortunately, 6 months after, my husband passed away.
It’s been 2 years since he died and I just have not been able to forgive myself. He was innocent and didn’t just deserve to die the way he did. THE END!


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