…not only was she saying the truth but that she was virginity was still intact.

Well, we only knew the details of this sister’s story and experience but we also heard lots of rumours from other churches on how youth leaders were removed from their offices for no concrete reason, how gossip had been on the increase, how some youths had committed suicide, how relationships had broken up just like that, how parents had disowned children not for any other reason but because of that altar call of the guest speaker; That foolish exposure.


He may have done it with good intentions but it’s wrong because not everyone gathers to meet with God. Some youths whose sins were not mentioned would remain on their seat as the pure ones whereas theirs is even worse.

A public show of those who engage in odd practices is not a necessity in getting a person saved rather it’s is the Word of Go d accompanied with the power of the HolySpirit that can penetrate any man.

The HolySpirit doesn’t condemn. Yes. Rather, He guides you. Whenever He tells you that you were wrong or that you had made a mistake, He makes you more confident in the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus that has washed all your sins (past, present and future). Then, He reminds you that you are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus and empowers you to overcome the temptation and desire to commit that act or make that same mistake again.

If you want to help anyone overcome any habit, teach him the Holy Spirit and if you are also not pleased with a certain habit, please have a hearty talk with the Holy Spirit now, believing that He has all you ever need to manifest the victory that Christ has given us.



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