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Hello readers! I am Mrs. K from Enugu State. I am in deep regret for a mistake I wish had never happened. As you read please learn from my mistake and if you have any advice for me, please do me a favor by dropping it in the comment box of this story

I was happily married and blessed with three pretty girls. After about 5 years of marriage, my husband was opportuned to get a job with an oil company. Sometimes, he would stay off for 2 weeks to 4 weeks as the case may be. I and the girls always looked forward to his return. We always felt bad whenever he sets off to work because he spends more time at work that with us.


In other to keep myself busy, I decided to go into Palm-oil business. My husband didn’t really like the idea because he felt that we were already financially comfortable and the children needed me most especially as he is always away from us. I didn’t listen anyways. So I went ahead.

I had only gone into the business for 8 months when I met Mrs. Jay Jay who  used to leave next door to my parents. I knew her since childhood and grew up together with her children. She used to process palm oil for a living then, but I didn’t know that she still does until I was referred to her by a co- palm oil dealer. So I decided to patronize her.

She was so happy to see me and I became her very good customer. Her palm oil was so good that my business began  to spring up very fast due to the very high demand for the oil. Mrs. Jay Jay, though I called her ”Mama” processed the oil, while I supplied it to both wholesale and retailer buyers.

One day, as I  was at Mama’s place for business, Sammy came in. Sammy is Mama’s son. I recognized him at once. We exchanged greetings, shared a little memories and collected each other’s contacts.

Sammy kept calling me. At First, only once every week and then it became as often as everyday and whenever he knew my husband was home, he wouldn’t call me. Though he wasn’t married, there was nothing special about our friendship from my end. I regarded him as a friend. He never sounded emotional. He just checked on me and my kids and would readily offer a helping hand  whenever necessary. Well, all these happened without my husband’s knowledge.

One day, as I was returning home, I decided to stop by at Sammy’s house to give him an unexpected and brief visit. Of course, he was surprised. He offered me a drink and expressed how excited he was to see me. I thanked him for the soft drink and immediately started to gulp it  down my thirsty throat. I guess the force with which I drank was too much because, it made me choke a little. As I tried to catch my breath, I mistakenly spilled the left over drink on my skirt. In other for me to tidy up my stained skirt, He led me to the visitors’ bathroom so I could clean up myself. And after about a few minutes I was out and told him that I wanted to take my leave. But to my amazement, He just kept starring at me in a smile without a saying word. Then He walked up to me and hugged me tight and said, ”I have always loved you right from the days of our youth. It hurts me that you are married now! I just wish you could stay a little longer……… ”.
YES! I stayed. And because we have been communicating frequently for the past 6 months it was not difficult for me to give myself to him.

After that day, things returned to normal. Though our rate of communication was as frequent as it was before, We never ever discussed about my visit to his place,

Two months after my visit to Sammy’s house, my husband didn’t return home. He said he needed to work extra time for more money. During that time I noticed that I had missed my period. So I took a pregnancy test that confirmed that I was pregnant. I knew Sammy was responsible but I didn’t know what to do. I was in deep confusion. In fact I panicked…” Oh my God…What do I tell my husband? It’s been two months since he left home…..”

So I called Sammy after some days. Hmmm…Sammy wowed me. Guess what he did on hearing the  unexpected news……..

So, as I was saying,  I called Sammy to inform him abut the pregnancy. And to cut the long story short, He denied it. He told me that he thought I was matured and that he didn’t know I could be so careless as to getting pregnant.

Sincerely, I was seriously thrown into utter confusion because I was left with no other option than to go for an abortion.

Well, on the night before the day I had scheduled for the abortion, I had a terrible dream. I saw people gathered in black beside a grave. They were all consoling my husband and children Everyone were in tears and then, suddenly I woke up!

I was so scared because I knew what that dream meant. So I thought to myself “If I don’t go for this abortion, what else will I do? ”

Finally, after about an hour of intense thinking and worrying, I made up my mind.
Yes. I did it! I kept the pregnancy! Not for Sammy anyways but for my husband because I had no other option besides going for an abortion and, I wasn’t ready to die either.
My husband finally returned from work about a week later and he was really happy to hear the news when I broke it to him. Since he trusted me so much, it didn’t even cross his mind to ask me questions about How, When and How old the pregnancy was. He only rejoiced and took me out for dinner to further the celebration.

Eight months after, I gave birth to a healthy, handsome bouncing baby boy. My husband loved him so much because he turned out to be the most intelligent of all my 5 children. Even though I later gave birth to another son for my husband his love for Sammy’s son never diminished. In fact, his love for him grew more. Well, it didn’t matter to me. As long as the boy is happy, my husband loves him and I didn’t have to lose my life trying to abort, I was satisfied with the way things were.

After Sammy rejected the pregnancy, he never communicated with me. He never picked my calls. In fact, he moved out of his apartment. After my numerous attempts to reach him, I finally resolved to stop doing business with his mom only for him to show up one day after his son clocked 20….He came to the house. I was so lucky that he didn’t meet my husband. Perhaps he could boldly come in because he saw my husband leave the house .

He was begging seriously for my forgiveness. He said he was sorry for his actions. In fact, his knees were on the floor until I forgave him. Seeing that I had forgiven him, he got up thankfully and asked me for a favor. He wanted to know what I did to the pregnancy. I laughed at first. Then, seeing how sincere his apology sounded, I decided to tell him all that happened. He started begging allover again and then thanked me for not aborting it.

He thanked me with so much joy that I began to notice something was not right. He requested to see the boy but, I refused. It was at that point that the tone of his voice changed.

He began to scream at me.. “where is my son? where is my son? I must see him! You can’t deny me of my right!”

I broke down in tears, panicking heavily. So, I began to beg him to reduce his voice but he refuse. Then suddenly he calmed down and began to cry. After about 15mins, he got up and told me that he was giving me just 2 weeks to sort things out and return his son to him. Then he left.

My readers, it felt like my whole world crumbling. I didn’t know how to face my husband to tell him that his favorite and most cherished child is for someone else. I knew my husband would hate me for life. So I quickly ran to Sammy’s mother and narrated everything to her. It was then I knew the reason why Sammy suddenly showed up. He really didn’t want to have anything to do with the boy. In fact he showed up because…

In fact he showed up because there was fire on the mountain. He had used his manhood to secure a political position. Knowing that he would no longer be able to have children he had decided to come for his once rejected child in a cunning way.

I felt weighed down because under the  circumstance  behind his return, I was so sure that he would never give up on demanding for his son undermining that it could ruin my marriage.

Well, it didn’t ended in a divorce. Because of  Sammy’s desperation, he went ahead to tell my husband. Yes, it broke my husband. He couldn’t bear it at all. He couldn’t believe that his favorite child who had brought him so much joy and honor wasn’t his at all.

After my husband heard what I had to say about the matter, he then asked the boy to do what he wanted.
Surprisingly, Samson, looked at Sammy and thanked him for eventually owning up to his responsibility. Then, He promised to keep the truth about his paternity in mind and went ahead to say that it would be just unfair to walk away from a man who had brought him up with so much love.

In short, Samson told Sammy off.

My husband was indeed very happy because he it would be very difficult to let go of the boy.

Well, even though my marriage remained, a lot of things changed so much that I still leave in deep regret today. My husband’s love and trust for me diminished greatly. He pays no attention to me anymore. At any slight disagreement, he makes comments about not sure if he really is the father to the other kids. Even his relationship with Samson has changed though its not that bad.
Even my children now treats me with great disregard and anger.

To end it all, sometimes I wish I hadn’t gone to close to a man aside my husband, and other times I wish I never told Sammy that I was pregnant. At least he wouldn’t have known. I should have kept it all to myself. ….

So readers out there, I didn’t take this time out to entertain you. I really want you to pick a good lesson from my painful mistake. I sincerely promise to write to again if things finally get better or even worse than it already is.

Thank you all…

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