…all I saw was self deceit. Many looked holy from the outward but with very bad and dubious characters. They were very good at gossiping and condemning one another yet they felt they were the only ones doing the right thing and going to heaven and that everyone else is going to hell.

I wanted to return to my former church but they see themselves as the best even as they live their lives anyhow, idolizing the pastor.
So I stopped going to church entirely until I met Mariam, my secondary school friend.
She was newly wed and had recently moved to  join her husband. We met at a boutique and from there we started talking. We hung out together some days and other days visited each other. Our friendship was still rekindling when I observed something strange about her. She looked lit and seemed very different and unique. I couldn’t explain what I could see neither could I figure out what it was. In one word she was stresslessly perfect. Then one day, I popped it up during one of our discussions. I told her I wanted to be like her and that she should show me how to go about it.
That was when she told me that she observed that I no longer go to church and would want to know why. So I narrated everything to her and that was the first time I heard the word “The Church Monster” for the first time.
Then she went ahead to explain…….