As I listened to her I could feel the dissatisfaction within me fading out gradually. I just knew I had found what I had been looking for and out of curiosity I asked her what the church monster was and she said that the church monster is RELIGION. She said that it’s masquerading itself in the church going about frightening people. Telling them lots of things to do and not to do. Telling them to try and be holy and if you cannot then God is angry with you. Then she added that most atimes we fall for this monster because there’s an outward show of what looks like holiness before our eyes but often after a while we then begin to question ourselves If it’s ever worth it.


“ It is the reason why many Christians say all that matters to them is to make heaven and that they don’t really care about been blessed. Whereas there were saved not just to make heaven but to also have dominion and subdue the earth. This is the reason why the wicked prosper and righteous are oppressed. It’s just like allowing a goat to chase a lion.” …she said

Then she went further as she unveiled the secret behind her unique life…..
“I have been there too until I was liberated. This monster is eating up the church and depriving Christians from the real life.
Look here the secret is simple. I believe in Jesus Christ and have decided to focus on the finished work of Christ on the cross that has set me free from the law. I no longer see myself constrained to any regulation that pertains to trying to please God. Christ did it all for me and has given me righteousness as a gift. I am already holy because Christ paid an eternal price for me.
 Do you know that before the coming of Christ the Israelites would kill a lamb to cleanse them of their sins for one year?
 Now you know! but the good news is that Christ became the lamb who was slain to cleanse us once and for all. Therefore you are no longer a sinner or trying to get out of sin. Rather you have been restored to the state God intended for man “holy & righteous, divine & powerful”
You may ask do I now live my life the way I want? NO. Christ has given us liberty from rules so before us nothing is bad (with what you drink, eat, wear, touch etc) but you have to use this liberty not by doing what you like but coming Bodly to God always without having to fear or feeling guilty of your sins. Pray always, read the Bible and pray, confess the word over your life always and trust Christ whose righteousness you have, to live through you by the directions of the Holy Spirit only.
It would shock you that I pray 19hours everyday. In fact, I am always praying anywhere I find myself no matter what I may be doing.
This activates the power of God more and more in me that I see myself soaring above sin (as a nature), doubt, fear, and demonic attacks. Because I am now in Christ, so I am a god  and that is why I am unique.”
My wonderful readers, That was it! After that day, My life never remained the same.



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