It’s been 6 years of living with the Johnsons next door. There seem very happy. They have everything anyone would wish for: 3 expensive cars, an expensively furnished apartment, always nicely dressed, children in good schools etc….


I always wished my family would eventually be like them as I was from a very average home.
Then one day I overheard her husband making a call at our side of the compound. I listened keenly not because I had any interest in the call but because I wondered why he left his house to our backyard just to take a call.
As I listened to his conversation on that phone call, I found out that Mr. Johnson had another woman outside his home. I could hear him telling her that he was at a contract site and would not be home till the end of the month.
You may say it wasn’t my business what Mr. Johnson does with his life but I could not get that call off my mind for days. I was perplexed that despite the joy in their home and the love Mr. & Mrs. Johnson displays every time, he could still cheat on his wife. In fact, I was very disappointed because I really admired this family.
“But come to think of it, why was he telling the other woman he was at work? Isn’t the other woman aware that he is married?” … I kept wondering.
The more I tried to keep that thought off my mind the more it stayed on my mind. So I decided to do a little research one Friday afternoon after I returned from school that day.
I went through Mr Johnson’s Facebook profile to see if I’d get a clue to who the other woman was and to my surprise after a thorough search of about an hour I found ….. I found nothing but his pictures. But what caught my attention was that, apart from his pictures I didn’t see any pictures of his wife and kids. As I thought on it, I concluded that it wasn’t my business and that I ought to be spending my time on my books instead. At last I forgot all about that call conversation and I was normal again until 3 days later.
He came to our side of the compound to make a phone call again. This time he was shouting at the lady on the phone. He told her not to bother him and that he had no money for school fees. That was it! I was  now sure that Mr. Johnson did not only have another woman outside his home but that he also had other children. And I knew that his wife wasn’t aware since he had to leave the house anytime he had to speak with this lady.
I felt so sad. It was as though I had caught my own father cheating on my mom.
 Mrs. Johnson is a very nice woman. She is very kind and loving. Despite that they are richer than us, she had never for once disrespected my father nor my mom. She buys us gifts and allows us to play with her kids and their toys during holidays. On some occasions she had bought I and my siblings nice gifts. Now that I have found out about her husband’s affair with another woman I felt like I should go tell her. Concealing it made me Very uncomfortable around her. I felt it wasn’t fair to receive gifts from her when I knew that her loving husband had other kids with another woman.
Because of that I began to avoid her until it occurred to me that I could tell my mom about it of which I did just that. But on hearing everything I had to say, she warned me sternly to stay out of the issue and that was what I did.
9 months later, on that sunny Saturday morning, I heard screams and shouts from their house. Mrs. Johnson was screaming “you are not going anywhere. I will kill that child!”
We were very surprised because we had never heard them quarrel before. After waiting for about 30 mins to see if the quarrel would stop my parents had to go over to  see what was  wrong and after about they didn’t return to the until 3 hours later.
They looked very sad. So out of my curiosity I walked to my mom and humbly asked her if the quarrel had to do with what I had told earlier. My mother looked at me, sighed and began to narrate all that had happened just as she was told. In her words she said,
“Mrs. Johnson is a very terrible woman…..

….She was a very close friend to one Angela who was happily married. She was so close to this Angela that she visited her very often, cooks with her in the kitchen and do some chores for her. Angela was so free with her that she told her everything about her home.

Angela’s home was very happy with 3 kids but there was a serious issue. Well, she told it to Mrs. Johnson as a confidant little did she know that the problem would be aggravated by her most trusted friend.
It all began one day when Angela’s husband returned from work to meet only Mrs Johnson in the kitchen preparing his meal. When he enquired the where about of his wife, she told him she went to the market and that she offered to help Angela his wife to cook lunch.
After cooking lunch and making the kids nap she called her friend’s husband to come eat his food on the dining since his wife was taking too long in the market. She sat next to him as he ate his food and after some minutes of silence she asked him his plans as a person and then they began to talk and talk and talk.
 This led to her telling him her personal observations about his wife. She told him that she had known Angela for years even before they got married and that Angela was under a curse from her maternal linage and that in their family, they never bear male children. He was very shocked on hearing that and from then he began to quietly investigate this.
Even as MRS. Johnson was close to her friend, her own friendship with her friend’s husband began to grow gradually but just as normal friends and after about a year he began to stop by at Mrs. Johnson’s house to visit her under the canopy of my wife’s friend. Well, he had intentions and he made that known to her after about 18 months. He wanted a male child and he didn’t want any more girls from his wife who already had 3 girls for him and that after his investigations he confirmed that what Mrs Johnson had told him previously about his wife’s family curse was 100% true.
Despite her having no feelings for him feelings, she liked the fact that she’s gotten an opportunity to have her friend’s husband in bed and get to taste what her friend had been enjoying all to her self……

She told him that she wasn’t interested and that she would never want to destroy her friend’s home but he kept pleading. Eventually she told him she’ll give in to going to bed with him just once only on the condition that protection must be used and he agreed.

Unfortunately for her, 3 months after, she found out that she was pregnant. She wanted to terminate the pregnancy but she thought of the risk involved and also the financial benefits of keeping the baby as Angela’s husband is a very rich young man.
After she told him about the pregnancy and the scan results, he moved her out of town, rented and furnished an apartment for her and then moved in with her. But before she left, she picked an argument with Angela so that Angela would never bother about looking for her or even suspect anything.
After giving birth to that child (a baby boy), she took in again and gave birth to another baby boy. Most times Angela’s husband spends 3 months with her and spends just 2 weeks with Angela pretending to be very busy with his contracts. That’s how it has been for 6 years now.
But just this morning, He, who we know as Mr. Johnson got a call that his real wife (Angela ) who had her last child 6 years ago, had just given birth to a baby boy.
Now he is remorseful of  abandoning his home and lovely wife for just a “A BOY MALE CHILD” that his wife now has. He has decidedly to return home fully and has decided to send money for the upkeep of these other 2 sons that this fake Mrs. Johnson has for him.
According to him, he felt bad for not been there for his lovely wife during the period of pregnancy as he hasn’t gone home in 6 months.
But the bad news is that, Angela’s friend (the fake Mrs Johnson who was never legally married to Mr. Johnson has refused to let him go. She has promised to kill the new born baby boy. That was the reason for their fight today….” …my mom concluded.
Wow…. some women can be very terrible. I have promised myself  that when I grow up and married in future, I would never give my friends free hands around my home or even let out very important secrets. My home and it’s affair would be kept with in my home only and if I need any help I’d rather turn to God. Angela (the real Mrs. Johnson was really a fool but I am very happy for her that she eventually conceived a “BOY MALE CHILD”

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