THE BIG ‘WHY?’ pt3

Lo and behold, what I saw was a very tiny piece of paper. Written on it was ”ASK YOUR BROTHER. HE HAS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION”


Well, I didn’t call him up immediately because I was still perplexed about what happened. ”Who could that lady be? Why did she disappear? How did she know all those things about my life and family? How is it that my junior brother whom I converted has the answer to my question?” …were the thoughts I kept pondering on through out that week.

Eventually, I called him up after about 2 weeks later. I narrated my anger about mother’s death to him. and how I got confused on how and why mother died of the same illness she was healed of when Mama Monday who was healed by a witch doctor is still alive and well.

Thereafter, that same night I had a dream and in that dream I saw myself walking on a very bad road. The road was very crooked and muddy that after walking some distance, I began to complain and then decided to turn back. When I turned back I saw a very high wall and on the wall was written ”ASK YOUR BROTHER. HE HAS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION” and then I woke up. That was when I realized my bad and decided to give a call to my brother again. This time I was set to be humble so I could really get the answer to my question because at that time I could see my life  already becoming miserable. Nothing was working. I was about to lose my job, I was going bankrupt, the bank was about to take my house etc. All these I went to witch doctors for. Yet, things never  got any better undermining the huge amounts I was charged by those magicians.At first, he sounded disappointed with me for losing faith in God but he later got to understand it was normal for one to think like that. And then he said….MOTHER CAUSED IT ALL!

Instead of me reasoning with him, to know the reason behind that statement, my pride got a hold of me. I shunned him and told him that he had no right to scold me or get disappointed with me and I also him that when God heals, He heals and that His blessing is without repentance. I was so hard on him that even when he tried to speak, I reminded him immediately of how I converted him to Christ and that I knew God a lot better than him. After that, I hung up.

At first, he didn’t take my calls. After about an hour of trying his number, he called back and before I could say anything, and as though he knew the reason I called, he quickly began to narrate the reason behind that statement he made that I found offensive.
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