Standing at my dear mother’s graveside, I made up my mind to never ever serve God again till He gives me an answer to the ”BIG WHY?”

My mom in whose grave side I stood,was a very lovely 50 year old woman and it hurt me bad that she died just at the time I had acquired more than enough money to show her the world and wipe all those tears of suffering off her face.

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On March 14, I got a call from my junior brother who just got out of the university, to return to Nigeria as soon as I could because mother was seriously ill. And then 24 hours later, the second call came in and I was told that my mother had passed away. Oh my beloved mother.

During my flight to Nigeria I never stopped thinking of the day mother testified about her healing in church. I could remember  the smile on her face and how excited she was that day. That happened 5 years ago just before I traveled out of the country.

”So what then went wrong? How come she ended up dying of that same illness? Does God heal and take back His healing whenever He wants? Is there anything as been perfectly healed? For this same illness my close friend took his mother to a witch doctor and she’s well and even attended the burial of my mom. It was because we felt that going to the church would guarantee a perfect healing unlike that of the witch doctors who add more problems, that we took our mother to our pastor.  And of a truth, she got healed. But if God is God why did she die of that same illness? WHY?” ….were the thoughts running through my mind as I stood by her grave side.

After her burial, I went back and never went to church anymore.  I  began to patronize magicians, divinators, witch doctors etc for help whenever I had issues. I didn’t even want to hear a thing about God and I never disclosed this to anyone. Suddenly, after about 3 years of patronizing them, I decided to estimate how much I had spent on witch doctors and then, I realized that God was a lot affordable. It also dawned on me that I always spend a lot of money on every visit to any witch doctor and undermining the amount of money I spend, I never get lasting results.

Then one Saturday morning, while eating at one of my favorite restaurants, I saw this graceful lady walking towards my direction with this very bright and beautiful smile. She was so, so pretty with very long hair. In short to me, I’d say she looked glorious. When she finally got to where I was siting,……

When she finally got to where I was siting, she greeted me and then asked for permission to have a word with me. I barely gave her any reply because I was stll dazed at the sort of beauty.she possessed. I guess she read my mind so, she grabbed a sit for herself and sat just in front of me.


”HELLO MR,” … she said still smiling
”…I am Angela by name and I saw you sitting here from over there (she pointed outside the window). So, I decided to come over to help you. Sir, I am sorry to say this but, with the way you are going you’ll end up frustrated because this is not the life designed for you. Do you still remember how you got here? Well, I’ll narrate it to you so you’d be sure that I know exactly what I am saying…” she added gracefully.

It was at that point I got my senses back and had my ears given to what she had to say.

”5years ago, you were not in this country.” she continued but this time she looked more serious.
”…You were faced with serious  hardship. No job, No father, No school fees, a brother and a sick mom to take care of. At the point of despair you cried to God for help and on the 6th month of 2013, God visited you in your dream through an angel. He reminded you that He is the WAY and that he’d put a smile on your face only if you would serve Him. He told you He loves you and was ready to do far more that you could ever ask or think for you and your family.

After that dream, you started going to church again and despite the pressure from your friend who preferred you took your sick mom to the witch doctor that cured his mom of same illness, you decided to take her to church where she was prayed for and healed by God. As a result of your mom’s healing your brother became fervent with  the things of God then, you miraculously got a very good job. Things began to get better with you till 2014 when you obtained favor from your boss and was transferred to this country to head the main branch office here.

Surprisingly, It’s your birthday today and coincidentally you have been favored again. Please stop patronizing the devil. God loves you so much and He wants to give you the answer to the big ‘WHY?’….”

And then she got up, handed a white envelop to me, bowed and before my very eyes, she disappeared.
I was scared, surprised and curious, all at the same time so I looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happened but it appeared as though everyone seemed to be minding their own business.
Still with mixed feelings I opened the envelop to see what was in it. Lo and behold, it was……
Lo and behold, what I saw was a very tiny piece of paper. Written on it was ”ASK YOUR BROTHER. HE HAS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION”


Well, I didn’t call him up immediately because I was still perplexed about what happened. ”Who could that lady be? Why did she disappear? How did she know all those things about my life and family? How is it that my junior brother whom I converted has the answer to my question?” …were the thoughts I kept pondering on through out that week.