THE BIG ‘WHY?’ pt 4

After mommy’s healing she became very committed to serving God till her elder sister relocated to town. She always came visiting and whenever she did she would talk mommy out of going to church. One some instances I over heard her telling mommy stories of how the Christians she had known ended up and how more effective witch doctors were compared to pastors. Well, mommy never gave in to her tales.


Then one day she brought a fetish priest to the house. The priest claimed to have been looking for mommy. He said that she was the reason for her illness and that her healing was only temporary  he even added that none of her children would do well until she answers to her original call.

He said mommy was dedicated when she was young to his shrine and then he told her this story:

When you were 9months old you were very sick and was at the verge of dying so, your mother brought you to my shrine seeking for solution. Because your illness was very critical I told her that my god would heal you only if you would be dedicated to the shrine. Well, your mother was so desperate so she consented to the conditions placed before her and afterwards, you got well then, your mother promised to bring you to the shrine when you are 12 years old. When you turned 12 yrs,  she didn’t fulfill her promise so, I went to her and warned her. I revealed to her that you’d  die if she does not bring you to the shrine. But it seemed as if she didn’t want to lose you to death neither did she want to lose you to the shrine so she pleaded with me again to convert her vow to something else. Well, I understood her fears so, I had mercy on her and told her she’d need to do certain sacrifices every 12 years on your behalf and failure to do so would lead to your death. Of course she preferred it to having you come work full time at the shrine and truly she kept to her words till 15 years ago when she passed away. Now you are left to do what you have to do. 3 years ago you fell sick because the sacrifice wasn’t made and nothing can save you from the hands of my god!

Fortunately, before your mother passed away, she revealed the secret to your elder sister. She came to me few months ago complaining that she was scared to tell you what your mother had told her because you now go to church and would no longer be willing to indulge in fetish things. She begged me to come and inform you myself because she didn’t want you (her only sister) to die. Well,I have done my part and it’s totally your choice to either do yours or bear the consequences”.

That was all mommy told me that he said. I encouraged her not to bother that she was now in Christ but mommy kept panicking, and……READ THE FINAL PART