THE BIG ‘WHY?’ final part

…..and she began to grow cold towards going to church.

Then one day she told me she was going to give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar. She went for the sacrifice. She felt those sacrifices her mother made had sustained her through those years and that her illness was only a call to do the needful and that it doesn’t stop her in anyway from serving God.

Few months after that, she fell sick again. But this time she told me she was very sure of  her recovery because she had done the sacrifice. Months went by and there was no sign of recovery at all. Infact her health became worse. So she decided to call for the priest. He came and did all he could but mommy didn’t get well. So he came again 2 weeks later and then told mommy that the gods are very angry with her for giving her life to Christ and that she would be made well only if she would renounce her faith.


After I heard what the priest had told her, I hurried to our Pastor’s office knowing that mommy would never listen to me nor take any of my advice. I narrated all that had happened to him and he followed me back to the house.

He spoke with mummy for a long time. But it seemed as though mummy had been seriously brain washed. So he concluded by telling her this…

 the devil has no other job that lie, steal and to kill. God had sustained you all along. It has never been the devil. God healed you and would still heal you if you don’t renounce your faith in Him.

2 hours after pastor left, Mommy gave up.  She believed all the fetish priest told her and she renounced her faith in God.

That reminds me senior bro, your friend’s mom you made mention of (mama Monday) died last week.

That was the end of his narration. My quest for the big ”Why?” was settled and I went back to God for mercy. Today I am very successful not because of my hard work, but because of my love, walk and service to God. God prospered me and I was made the new managing director of the company I worked with worldwide. My return to God led to a total recovery of everything I had lost and a better life: far better than what I could ever ask or think.

Enjoy my story and also learn that you can lose all God’s blessings and healing when you decide to walk away. But just like the story of the prodigal son, God is always ready to receive you back and restore all back to you.

THE END!!! READ THE NEXT STORY… ”I didn’t wish him well’


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