We came out of the Mall just to find out that all the Taxi going our way were on a 3 hours protest so no Taxi would be going that way till the protest is over. I was feeling hungry and worst of all it was about to rain seriously.

The environment was very windy and very uncomfortable. Tears began to roll down my eyes. I could manage to get drenched by rain but not for my baby. I started to panic.


So I began to beg some Taxi drivers who were going to another route to help us. But no one agreed.

Just then I saw a man who walked up to us. He said to me ” Madam, there is a Taxi going down that route but can only take just one more person. ”

I was excited on hearing that but my excitement toned down at once as he said “just one more person”

I looked at my maid, I looked at my baby and looked at how dark the sky was.

I said to the man ” I cannot leave my maid behind. She knows no where around here”.

Believe me, it was a very hard decision to make.

I knew panicking would not help me so I began to pray in tongues within me. Suddenly, my calmness was restored and just then I had a flash back to a the message I had listened to that morning. I remembered that the preacher had given an illustration of a person who bought a car of about 20 million naira and drives the car home after making payments. He said the car owner may decide not to wash the car for a year or even destroy the car but that car would never drive back to the car store. Why?…. READ THE FINAL PART NOW