I stepped out on a faithful Wednesday morning with my 7 months baby. My maid was with us and we had the intention to do the shopping for the week. Nothing much though, just a few things actually.

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We decided to use the public transport so we stopped a taxi. I held my baby and my maid stood beside me as we waited for the taxi that we had waved at, to park in front of us. My maid got in first and as I was stepping in with my left leg, I paused in other to hold my baby firmly. I was still standing with my right leg out of the Taxi when I felt a great push and I was been pushed forward.

The Taxi driver had moved the Taxi! I guess he may never had picked a nursing mother before and may have never known that nursing mothers do not just hop in to a vehicle as quickly as others do. He may not have known that he needed to wait patiently for nursing mothers to get into the vehicle and get comfortable first before moving the vehicle.

Believe me, I was very confused and I began to scream and scream and scream, but the car didn’t stop instead, the car kept accelerating. I held on tight to my baby and somehow managed to hook myself on the door of the Taxi.

I just didn’t know why he didn’t stop the car. I am still perplexed on why my maid didn’t even notice either. Her face was turned to the other side and focused on something that may have caught her attention or something.

Just when I felt my grip was getting lose and was slipping out of the door with my baby……


I realised that I had done everything possible to get the attention of the driver to stop the car yet it availed to nothing. Immediately, And suddenly, I had a flash back to the recent testimony of Travis Green that I had watched on Facebook the previous day. I remembered how he was saved from death at 4 yrs old through the name and the blood of Jesus. So I shouted with all that was in me, My baby was slipping off my hands and I was already falling out of the Taxi. I closed my eyes as it came out of my mouth… “…The blood of Jesus… Jesus……………..”


Honestly, I thought I had already fallen to the ground. The car stopped at once, my maid was screaming “haaaa My Madam” She ran out of the car through the other door in other to catch me. The driver came out of the car and was on his knees begging while I stood perplexed, wondering why and how  I didn’t actually fall to the ground. It was like something I couldn’t see wedged me from behind.

Although, I had just experienced the supernatural and I had already forgiven the driver, I told him to go and that I preferred to go in another Taxi. So I went to a nearby shop to sit in other to calm down for a while. I sat amazed at the power I had found and had just experienced  in the name of Jesus and in about 30 minutes I was calm enough to continue my shopping. So we boarded another Taxi and zoomed off. This time I told the Taxi man just before I got in, to ensure, I was inside the vehicle before  moving the vehicle.

And after we were done shopping, something happened again….


We came out of the Mall just to find out that all the Taxi going our way were on a 3 hours protest so no Taxi would be going that way till the protest is over. I was feeling hungry and worst of all it was about to rain seriously.

The environment was very windy and very uncomfortable. Tears began to roll down my eyes. I could manage to get drenched by rain but not for my baby. I started to panic.


So I began to beg some Taxi drivers who were going to another route to help us. But no one agreed.

Just then I saw a man who walked up to us. He said to me ” Madam, there is a Taxi going down that route but can only take just one more person. ”

I was excited on hearing that but my excitement toned down at once as he said “just one more person”

I looked at my maid, I looked at my baby and looked at how dark the sky was.

I said to the man ” I cannot leave my maid behind. She knows no where around here”.

Believe me, it was a very hard decision to make.

I knew panicking would not help me so I began to pray in tongues within me. Suddenly, my calmness was restored and just then I had a flash back to a the message I had listened to that morning. I remembered that the preacher had given an illustration of a person who bought a car of about 20 million naira and drives the car home after making payments. He said the car owner may decide not to wash the car for a year or even destroy the car but that car would never drive back to the car store. Why?….


Because it has been paid for. Even the car dealer has to right to take the car back on seeing that the car isn’t well taken care of because it has been paid for.

But, in reality that owner would never neglect the car and he is even willing to do anything to anyone who scratches that car. WHY? Because he had paid a very huge amount  (20 million naira)  for that car. He values the price he paid to purchase it.


The preacher likened it to God who had to separate with his Son, give Him off to be tortured and cast Him into hell just to adopt Man who was lost not as His own creation but as His own Child(ren).

Then this word flashed into me. ” if we know how to do good things to our children (as wicked as we are) then think of how much more God who is a good father who places so much value on the price He paid to purchase us, would do for us (all who know that they belong to a good father, recognise him as a good father, approach him as a good father, reverend him as a good father, worship and thank him as a good father etc).

The love of God filled me immediately. I had the assurance that I could never be disadvantaged because I am the daughter of a good Father.

So I said aloud “I know my father wants the best for me. So by the blood of Jesus, I declare a way be made and created for me now in this situation, through the power of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus Name”

After that I held my peace, though I was still praying in tongues. I didn’t know how my Father was going to do it. Whether He was going to stop the rain or whether the protest was going to be cut short, I didn’t know. All I knew was that a way was going to be made.

5 minutes later, a none commercial vehicle drove to us. The owner asked us if everything was ok since it was really windy and the rain had started to drizzle. He said he saw the little baby and decided to show concern. So I explained everything to him. Then he said he was going to an entirely different direction but would manage to drop us where we would find a taxi home.

As soon as we got in, it began to rain heavily as if it had been waiting for us to get into a vehicle first before raining. As he drove on he made a call to the person he was going to see. The person told him to come meet him in his house instead of the office. Fortunately for us the person’s house was located in the direction we were going.

To cut it short, this man took us straight to our house. WHY? The person he wanted to meet happened to be my husband.


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