On getting to his place I knocked at the door and there he was. He was shocked to see us and after staring at us for a few seconds he told us to come in. Of course it was my husband’s house so I walked gallantly in and then headed for the bedroom. He rushed at me to stop me but before he could do that I was already in the bedroom. Well there was no one there so I wondered why he was trying to stop me.

As I turned around to ask him what the problem was, I received a dirty slap. He told me to leave to anywhere of my choice and that he’ll sort it out or rather return to Abuja.
I didn’t answer him. I wiped my tears, walked up to my daughter and left not because I was scared of him but because of our daughter. I just wanted peace for her sake.
I went to my friend’s place whom I had spent my vacation with 2 years ago when I met Derick. After I explained everything to her, she promised to help me get to the bottom of the issue.
So together we began to investigate Derick. I sent him a text that I had returned to Abuja just so he doesn’t suspect.
We hid around his house, we asked people who lived around him some questions about him yet we couldn’t find anything until one day it occurred to us to be around the house more during weekends.
We were sure he wasn’t married, neither did we see any visitors come to his place; male or female. In fact he always came home early from work.
On that faithful Friday evening we hung around in my friend’s car. Since we had been observing him we never came during weekends but since we couldn’t get anything we had decided to include weekends. We were bent on getting to the bottom of it all because It is really a strange thing for a man to refuse his wife and 1year old daughter from staying with him.
We waited and waited yet there was nothing. At around 7:30pm we had decided to go when we suddenly observed that he was about to drive out so, we waited so we could follow him behind. My heart panted because I was afraid to see who he was going to see. Within me I began to pray it was not another woman. On the other hand My friend was very excited. She clapped her hands, and exclaimed “At last! Today we are going to see who that bastard is. That woman snatcher”…..