I met this guy at a shopping mall when I travelled on a 2 weeks vacation to visit a friend at Owerri. He was soft, tender and easy going. We hung out a few times before I returned to Abuja where I work & reside. Despite that I had returned, we were still in touch. He came to see me as often as he could but only on weekends and  before we knew it we were already making plans for our wedding.

Derick is a nice looking young man in his mid 30s. He’s employed and earns about 120k every month. He is calm and loves to maintain a peaceful relationship. It was however at exciting moment 11 months later, when  we walked down the isle at my church in Abuja where I live.
After the wedding we both moved to Owerri where he lives for our honey moon. Well, it was wonderful and when the time came for me to return to Abuja for the sake of my job which I wasn’t ready to give away just like that till I could secure another good one at Owerri, he was so understanding and then promised to always call me everyday and come visit me as often as possible.
Of course he kept to his promise and in 9 months we were blessed with a baby girl. Prior to my delivery, during my leave, I began to make serious efforts in trying to secure a job at Owerri so that I could move in permanently with my husband but none was forth coming. So I had no choice than to remain in Abuja for the meantime.
We went on like that… He was the one always coming to see us. He didn’t mind spending hours on the call with me also and in all these, he never ever complained. And whenever I complained, he often said that he was really not freaked about us staying together and that our living separately was just fine by him.
Unfortunately for me,…. …on the same day my daughter turned 1 year, I  was retrenched at my work place.
I was sad but it didn’t last long because I saw it as an opportunity to actually go stay with my husband and get to live as a family at least for the sake of our daughter. The sad part was how to get a job like this one in Abuja at Owerri where I’d be paid close to 300k per month. Well, I had no choice than to prepare my mind towards what I could find and then hope for the better.  So I picked up my phone and had a call pulled through to hubby.
We exchanged romantic greetings… he sounded as calm as usual until after I told him of my decision to move down to Owerri with our 1 year old daughter since I had recently lost my job.
On hearing that the tone of his voice suddenly changed, he began to sound harsh and then shouted aloud on the phone that I should be ready to get an accommodation for myself since I have decided to come over and that I would never live with him.
On hearing this my heart skipped a beat. I laughed and thanked him for the joke but he still insisted on what he had said and made it clear to me that it was no joke. I questioned his decision and he told that, that was the way he liked it.
Pretending like I didn’t understand what he had just said, I told him to come live with us in Abuja instead since he doesn’t want us to live with him at Owerri. He laughed and then the tone of his voice changed again. He said “if you think I’d be sleeping and waking up on the same bed with you and then get paid just 100k -200k per month you lie!” and then hung up the call on me.
I broke down in tears and after about an hour of crying I sent him a text stating that I don’t see a reason to continue with the marriage since we could never ever live together as a family and that he should have told me about it before we got married. I was astonished that he didn’t reply the text after 3 days so I prepared my daughter and with a few clothings and headed off to Owerri with out any prior notice to him.
You wouldn’t believe what I saw on getting to his place. On getting to his place I knocked at the door and there he was. He was shocked to see us and after staring at us for a few seconds he told us to come in. Of course it was my husband’s house so I walked gallantly in and then headed for the bedroom. He rushed at me to stop me but before he could do that I was already in the bedroom. Well there was no one there so I wondered why he was trying to stop me.
As I turned around to ask him what the problem was, I received a dirty slap. He told me to leave to anywhere of my choice and that he’ll sort it out or rather return to Abuja.
I didn’t answer him. I wiped my tears, walked up to my daughter and left not because I was scared of him but because of our daughter. I just wanted peace for her sake.
I went to my friend’s place whom I had spent my vacation with 2 years ago when I met Derick. After I explained everything to her, she promised to help me get to the bottom of the issue.
So together we began to investigate Derick. I sent him a text that I had returned to Abuja just so he doesn’t suspect.
We hid around his house, we asked people who lived around him some questions about him yet we couldn’t find anything until one day it occurred to us to be around the house more during weekends.
We were sure he wasn’t married, neither did we see any visitors come to his place; male or female. In fact he always came home early from work.
On that faithful Friday evening we hung around in my friend’s car. Since we had been observing him we never came during weekends but since we couldn’t get anything we had decided to include weekends. We were bent on getting to the bottom of it all because It is really a strange thing for a man to refuse his wife and 1year old daughter from staying with him.
We waited and waited yet there was nothing. At around 7:30pm we had decided to go when we suddenly observed that he was about to drive out so, we waited so we could follow him behind. My heart panted because I was afraid to see who he was going to see. Within me I began to pray it was not another woman. On the other hand My friend was very excited. She clapped her hands, and exclaimed “At last! Today we are going to see who that bastard is. That woman snatcher”…..

At around 7:30pm we had decided to go home when suddenly we observed that he was about to drive out so we waited so we could follow him behind. My heart panted because I was afraid to see who he was going to see. Within me I began to pray it was not another woman. On the other hand My friend was very excited. She clapped her hands, and exclaimed “At last! Today we are going to see who that bastard is. That woman snatcher”.

As we drove behind him my heart continued to race and we suddenly lost the excitement when we realised that he was driving out of town and had turned into a very lonely and bush path. We knew that if we followed him any further, he would discover that he’s been followed so we decided to park somewhere around. We were ready to wait for him to come out even if we had to wait till the next morning. 

About few minutes later we saw other flashy cars driving into that same lonely road and they all seemed to wear a similar attire. What struck us was when one of the vehicles stopped like he was waiting for someone and shortly after then, another vehicle came and stopped next to him. The driver of the first vehicle came down to meet the driver of the vehicle behind. They shook hands and nodded like they had planned to meet up at that point. 

They talked for a while and then we saw some young boys who suddenly came down from the vehicle behind and  opened the boot of the car. The drivers of both cars who seemed to have dressed in the same attire as my husband and the rest of the men that had driven down that lonely bush path, both walked to the opened boot and before we knew it, the young men who had opened the boot began to carry some things to the other car. 

What they were carrying looked very heavy. While we wondered what they were, they lifted the 5th one that seemed to be the last one out of the boot and as they were moving it to the other car parked in front, the cloth with which they wrapped it with suddenly fell off, totally exposing what it had been covering. As the cloth fell off, we were both gripped with fear instantly on seeing it what it was. They had been carrying dead human beings. 

We began to shiver. We didn’t need anyone to tell us that they were cultists and that my husband was part of them. As soon as they finished transferring the dead bodies to the other car in front, both drivers shook their hands, entered their vehicles and drove off into the lonely bush path. 

We moved as soon as they drove off and all through the ride home I was covered in tears. My friend didn’t say a word to me. It was obvious that she was still scared. First thing the next morning, I was off to Abuja with my daughter. I was indeed very grateful to my friend for sacrificing 3 weeks in helping me out with trailing, monitoring and following up my husband.

I stopped taking my husband’s calls, changed my numbers, moved to another address and also told my family members to tell him just incase he called any of them that I travelled abroad and have gotten married to another man oversees.

I really don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore because I know that my life and that of my daughter would be endangered. THE END!!! READ NEXT STORY “IT’S UNCONDITIONAL”

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