SO CLOSE-SO FAR final part

At around 7:30pm we had decided to go home when suddenly we observed that he was about to drive out so we waited so we could follow him behind. My heart panted because I was afraid to see who he was going to see. Within me I began to pray it was not another woman. On the other hand My friend was very excited. She clapped her hands, and exclaimed “At last! Today we are going to see who that bastard is. That woman snatcher”.

As we drove behind him my heart continued to race and we suddenly lost the excitement when we realised that he was driving out of town and had turned into a very lonely and bush path. We knew that if we followed him any further, he would discover that he’s been followed so we decided to park somewhere around. We were ready to wait for him to come out even if we had to wait till the next morning. 

About few minutes later we saw other flashy cars driving into that same lonely road and they all seemed to wear a similar attire. What struck us was when one of the vehicles stopped like he was waiting for someone and shortly after then, another vehicle came and stopped next to him. The driver of the first vehicle came down to meet the driver of the vehicle behind. They shook hands and nodded like they had planned to meet up at that point. 

They talked for a while and then we saw some young boys who suddenly came down from the vehicle behind and  opened the boot of the car. The drivers of both cars who seemed to have dressed in the same attire as my husband and the rest of the men that had driven down that lonely bush path, both walked to the opened boot and before we knew it, the young men who had opened the boot began to carry some things to the other car. 

What they were carrying looked very heavy. While we wondered what they were, they lifted the 5th one that seemed to be the last one out of the boot and as they were moving it to the other car parked in front, the cloth with which they wrapped it with suddenly fell off, totally exposing what it had been covering. As the cloth fell off, we were both gripped with fear instantly on seeing it what it was. They had been carrying dead human beings. 

We began to shiver. We didn’t need anyone to tell us that they were cultists and that my husband was part of them. As soon as they finished transferring the dead bodies to the other car in front, both drivers shook their hands, entered their vehicles and drove off into the lonely bush path. 

We moved as soon as they drove off and all through the ride home I was covered in tears. My friend didn’t say a word to me. It was obvious that she was still scared. First thing the next morning, I was off to Abuja with my daughter. I was indeed very grateful to my friend for sacrificing 3 weeks in helping me out with trailing, monitoring and following up my husband.

I stopped taking my husband’s calls, changed my numbers, moved to another address and also told my family members to tell him just incase he called any of them that I travelled abroad and have gotten married to another man oversees.

I really don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore because I know that my life and that of my daughter would be endangered. THE END!!! READ NEXT STORY “IT’S UNCONDITIONAL”

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