I have a very short story with a very deep lesson to share with you.

Years ago, when I got into the university, I was bent on being by myself, serve God and read my books. I did not want to have anything to do with anyone if the relationship did not concern God or my books.


So I happened to be paired by a lecturer with 3 other ladies for a group assignment and that was the very first time I came in real contact with this girl called Dele.

She was our group leader so I had to locate her room to discuss on my own part of the assignment. But what was meant to be a 30mins discussion turned into a 3hrs talk.

She began to tell me how much she hated me. She told me I acted like an angel and a saint and that I was only deceiving myself because as far as she is concerned and her own understanding of her bible, no one is perfect and no one can be perfect as a human being who has flesh.

Well, I smiled back to her and told her that her theory may be correct but it doesn’t apply in my life. I TOLD HER I AM PERFECT BECAUSE I HAVE THE SPIRIT OF PERFECTION IN ME and that I put my flesh under control by yielding to the the Sprit of God inside of me always. And then the discussion began…

I tried to be non argumentative as I never opposed what ever she said but firmly stood my ground on all that was correct.

And from that day her perception about me changed. She began to draw close to me while in my mind the contract was over. I have imparted what I needed to by bringing down her wrong perceptions about the life of God, and I wasn’t interested in friendship with anyone at all even though I was friendly and warm.

She pushed in somehow and made me her friend even when she knew that she wasn’t my friend.

It went on like that till she began to unpack the package. She liked to predict on people’s personal life and affairs. She was good at it somehow and so she called herself a prophetess. Well, I wasn’t bothered about it at first but it turned out that every time she spent with me she ended up predicting my life “Past and Future” and also cal the names of some people in my class, tell me their latest moves and how it would end. Somehow it all turned true both for me and the others that she mentioned to me.

I wasn’t in anyway impressed. I only listened to her hoping that my life would influence her. We pray together sometimes and that was it. Gradually Dele stopped coming to church. She deliberately stopped taking communion etc. and when I asked her she said nobody in the church was as spiritual and sincere as she was and that everyone in church up to the pastors were hypocrites. Before I knew it she opened her own fellowship that began to grow very fast (well that wasn’t my problem at all).

Things turned sour when she began to really focus on me.

  Perhaps she felt that because I nodded to her predictions, I believed in it.

She began to instruct me and was very authoritative about it and whenever I disobeyed her instruction, her predictions came true. Somehow something in me was telling me to cut ties with her but the more I ran the closer she became. She was like a bone in my throat. Then for about 2 years later there were no more predictions. We only talked about ourselves. I thought she had changed. And so I became very open to her.

In my final year she heard from someone else that I was getting married 2 months before the day and that was when I discovered who Dele really was.

She ran to my room in anger and began to shout and scold me. She called me a bad friend and a lot of other bad names.

She said I didn’t tell her I was preparing for my wedding. She began to scream…..

“How could you? Last year that’s how you told me all of a sudden that you are engaged. You didn’t even ask me what I think about the guy. You went ahead to say Yes. Now you didn’t even tell me you were getting married. You didn’t see it needful to carry me along with your preparations. How could you? After I tell you everything about myself. You can still be very secretive right? This Wedding would not hold. Mark my words!” then she left.

I was so confused and terrified. At first I didn’t even know that I hadn’t told her about the wedding plans. I felt really bad. So I went on my knees to ask the HolySpirit for help and direction. After praying, I heard a voice say “Be Still!”

2 weeks later, I heard that Dele’s church had scattered and that she worked for the devil. She pretends to be sincere and genuine and that when she gets your trust she destroys your life by giving you instructions and when she’s done with ruining everything about you she’ll end up destroying your self image and reputation by broadcasting every ugly detail she knows about you to people.

Wow… indeed God’s grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in weakness. All the while I had promptings to prayerfully shut her out of my life but I ignored it and rather decided to be sentimental and not wanting to be too harsh on her. I never prayed as instructed by God because I felt I could handle it.

But God was faithful. It occurred to me that it was God who had made me feel all along that I was telling her details of my life as regards my relationship when I actually wasn’t. She would have ruined my relationship.

We graduated looking like enemies and till today I have not heard from her anymore.


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