SEE FOR ME final part

That was the moment I came to my senses. I didn’t know where his church was and as I could remember it was a friend of mine who directed me to his place when I was bothered about the well-being of my son and when he would return. It seemed very strange that a Pastor would dupe someone just like that.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t look my son in the face. What was he going to do. He just lost 6million naira just like that. Though he was a little glad that he didn’t send the complete money (i.e 10 million naira).

The look on my son’s face almost made me run mad. He got into the car and zoomed off leaving me behind. By the time I managed to get home with public transportation I was told that my son had moved out of the house and that he packed all his belongings and drove away.

Till date, I have not heard from him again.


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