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Hello! Has your faith been greatly ignited by reading our stories? Well, it’s not enough. We desire that, you put that ignited Faith to use, for it to produce great results in your life. Let’s pray together in agreement 🤝 today and receive workings of miracles in every area of our lives. ❤ I’m glad to be your prayer partner. Drop your testimonies & feedbacks |


What you need to know about PRAYERS FOR TODAY

Hello there! It is God’s will that you prosper on all sides.  When you pray with Oti Stories’ Prayer for Today, I automatically become your prayer partner. Prayers for Today is the praying arm of OTI STORIES, where I get to pray in agreement with you as we lay hold on your treasures and all of God’s Promises for you. God has provided everything we need,  including your heart desires. FOR YOU TO HAVE IT, YOU MUST ARISE AND TAKE IT.

Please remember that the goal of our Prayer community and Prayers for today, is to ensure God’s people all round the world (which includes you) BEGIN TO WALK IN THE VICTORY, EXERCISE THE AUTHORITY and CLAIM THE FULL INHERITANCE THEY HAVE IN CHRIST JESUS. You’ll see results of 10years compressed into 1 month in Jesus name… It is already happening to others and you won’t be an exemption.

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