Hard work is good. But do you know, you can succeed with ease academically and also in life? Find out “How” as you read this life transforming story....
Is the damage already done? Is accepting your fate the only option you have? Then, kindly read this life transforming story... There is still another option for you.
As a young lady of class and high taste, are you finding it difficult to make a decision on whom to get married to? I think this story could help in some way...
Have you ever believed God for something but ended up getting something negative and contrary to your expectations? This story would expose you to the reason why that happened and reveal to you the secret to ensuring it never happens again.
Are you an entrepreneur or a business person whom have been experiencing real difficulties, challenges etc. Have you tried all you could to succeed at what you do but to no avail? This story is just what you need.
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Have you prayed and prayed but yet it feels like God hasn’t heard you? Please, I recommend that you read this inspiring story.
Were you given a big opportunity by God, some time ago, but unfortunately, you didn’t make good use of it? Have you been waiting earnestly for another one, but it feels like you have missed your time? Well, IT IS COMING BACK NOW !!! as you read this life transforming story...
Are you in that very confusing situation where the medical tests says you are sick but deep within, you are sound and healthy? Ever wondered why and how it could possibly occur? Get your answers as you read this story.
Are you trying to come out of a very dark and trying situation but it feels like the only way out cannot take you out? Please, I suggest that you read this life changing story, right away.
Even though the Lord always makes a way of escape, there’s still a need to ensure that temptation doesn’t come. Find out “WHY” and “HOW” as you read this powerful & insightful story
Have you ever felt like that miracle you desire cannot come to you since the person whom you look up to spiritually do not even have that same miracle you desire manifesting in his life? Ever wondered why you are prospering in an area while your spiritual mentor is failing in that area? In this story lies both the answer and the remedy.
Does it feel as though your entire world is crashing and everything has completely failed? Does praying already look like an exhausted and futile deal? Find hope and bloom, as you read this story.
Are you faced with a very stubborn illness? Would you like to learn how to live in God’s presence and maintain a very high spiritual temperature? I recommend that you read this story.
Are you faced with strong opposition and oppression at work and from authorities you find yourself under? Well, there’s something you need to know from this story if you really want to win in a battle you feel disadvantaged and unqualified to fight.
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INTRO:  When it feels like you no longer have control over a particular situation, how do you quickly switch over to the supernatural? Supernatural help is always available to you. Read this story and see how this lady experienced time compressed for her, favor etc..., at a time she felt all hope was lost.
Does the devil really use the testimonies of people against them? Find out from this powerful short story how testimonies affects your new levels.
This is a short story to nursing mothers for the purpose of enlightenment.
''Have you done all you could and prayed all you can.... have not seen any results regarding your expectations yet?''. What exactly could be the problem? Is God slow to hear and answer? Please I really recommend this life transforming story to you most especially if you are tempted to feel weary and tired.
Do not say " I HAVE TRIED TO CHANGE AND IT'S NOT WORKING" ?  One of the things this story reveals is how to live out your expectations or stop bad habits easily. Read this story to find out more.
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Have you ever felt bullied and despised because you are a Christian? Please, read this story.
Are you someone who would always fall under the anointing in every church meeting but somehow you rarely see any change in your life? Have people laughed at you because of this and said things like “IT’S NOT BY FALLING” just to put you down? Please, it’s very essential you read this story.
Are you a very zealous Christian, but you find yourself still struggling, having no fruits to show forth as one who is a Christian? Please I suggest you read this story now.
Do you struggle with low self esteem? Do you find yourself trying to talk others down just to feel good about yourself? Do you feel totally worthless inside and desire a change? This story has touched countless of lives and helped a lot of people. I suggest that you read it as well.
Are you successful but in your own little way? The Good News is that “Expansion and Massive Explosions” has come to you today. Read this story and experience supernatural take over.
Find out the real reason why the devil tries to lure Christians into thinking negatively as you read this story.
Even though that Christian political leader is not ruling right and up to expectations, this story reveals the secret why he has been put there by God and why he has to be in power at such a time.
No parent enjoys molesting a child. Yet they do so because that’s the only way they know how. How can this be corrected? Kindly read this story if you are a parent who really wants to stop this act but don’t know how.
Does it feel like you are under a curse? Would you like to know how The Blessing of God can be activated in your life? This story has blessed countless of lives and you too are next in line as you read it.
Do you desire to experience more of the help of the Holy Spirit in your life? Kindly read this amazing story.
Have you ever felt that you deserved something but it never came to you? Have you ever wondered why good things always go to that particular person that doesn’t deserve them at all? I recommend that you read this life transforming story.
Some Christians have died without living the life God has for them? I plead that you don’t make such a mistake either. Kindly read this story and get God’s good plans activated in your life.
Is a public show of those who engage in odd, wrong and sinful practices a necessity in getting a person saved? Find out and receive freedom from condemnation as you read this impactful story.
For you to walk in the light of always enjoying a blessed day, there’s something you need to find out in this powerful story. Read and be blessed.
This story is an exclusive for men only. Is your wife demanding for a divorce? Have you tried all you can as a man yet she’s never just satisfied with you and anything you do? This story has helped a lot of men and it would definitely help you identify what the real issue is and how it can be solved immediately. Please kindly read this short story.
This story is exclusively for young new brides. This is the story of a young bride who almost lost her home out of sincere carelessness, presure from inlaws and ignorance. Please read this story to find out how she effectively managed the situation and the manner of wisdom she applied.
Are you fond of seeking for men and women who can prophecy to you? Please, I advice that you read this story.
A treasure was found at the bottom of the sea some years back. Surprisingly, inside that treasure box is a message from God to you. Please, it is very necessary that you read this story. It might just happen to be the missing key to that great expectation you have in life.
Have you been keeping yourself pure and holy all the while just to discover that a dirty fellow who just gave his life to Christ, appears to be enjoying more of God’s love and attention than you do? Has this made you feel very discouraged about living a holy lifestyle? Then, you should read this story now.
This story is a soothing relief to parents who just lost a child. More so, out of the carelessness of one partner. Why allow the pain rip you off your joy and the peace of your home? Read this story and find strength again.
When it comes to choosing a life partner, you sincerely cannot investigate enough. This is why you need to rely on the HolySpirit in other to avoid the sad ordeal of this story. Please read and learn from this story.
To that married lady who has a close friend that frequents her house and is so into the affairs of the home to the extent people can’t easily tell the difference between who the real wife is and who the wife’s friend is.... I think you'd really need to read this story.
As a man, are you finding it difficult to make your wife submit to you? In this story lies the secret key of wise men who have successfully achieved this without stress. Please, I suggest that you kindly read this story.
As a good mother in-law, are you currently having serious frictions with your daughter in-laws? Does it feel like you've completely lost your sons to their wives? Has your son stopped paying attention to you? Please, I advice you read this story. It has worked for others and it would work for you too.
Are trying to make a decision on what church to attend? Have you stopped going to church because you feel confused and tired of going to church? I recommend this story because it would guide you greatly.
Are you faced with pressure from your boss to have an affair with him for huge financial rewards? Before you take a decision, I’d like you to read this story.
If you are the type that always reveal your personal information to your friends, please I advice that you take a moment to read this story.
This is a very interesting story that reveals the outcome of a greedy mind. If you doubt the insatiable appetite that comes with greed, please read this story. It pays off really well in the end. Hahahahaha
Yes. God loves you. But there is a reason why as a Christian, you shouldn’t consult fetish things (magic). Please read this story to see the major harm it could do to you.
Not all that glitters are gold. As a single parent, before you give off your child to be in custody of someone else, please read this story.
Are you in a position to heartlessly oppress and cheat someone. Well, you may think it’s been smart now. But it isn't. Please, kindly read this story.
This story highlights the great importance of keeping external interference, most especially those from extended family members, entirely off your marriage. In this story a sweet home turned sour overnight and became permanently irreconcilable, as every member took highly non-mendable actions.
Are you a married woman who feel it’s very okay to get close to other men aside your husband, provided there are no strings attached? Please, read this story so you can thread cautiously
Everyone wants to be great. This story reveals that there is a thin line between obsession and determination. Read, learn and Enjoy.
This story reveals the need to take ones eyes off material benefits when choosing a life partner. Read, learn and Enjoy