2 years ago, the company where I worked began to downsize. A lot of employees were laid off and I happened to be one of those unfortunate employees that got sacked. It was really a very tough time for me. I didn’t see it coming and I never expected I could be sacked because I was very hardworking, punctual and innovative. In fact was able to secure 2 multi million dollar contracts through my effort. Yet, I was thrown off along with the lazy bones.

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Few days ago I became very worried on how to sell of the goods I had got about a year ago. It happened that I got the items so I could sell them and get into business full time. I spent all my savings on it and when the goods arrived, my heart was filled with so much joy because I got them at a good price and would be making a 300% profit on them. I immediately launched out into trying to market them.

I placed adverts on the internet, I went into the street with them, etc just to have them sold. I continued for 6 months and guess what? Not one single item was bought. I had really began to get dry of money and also very discouraged.

So, I quietly backed off the business and decided to scout for an alternative to make money into I found out something. Scouting for a job was not yielding any results at all.

Then shortly after, I had a dream. That night I felt so bad and sorry for myself. It was as if someone had cursed me or I was under some sort of curse or family curse. I remembered that after crying all the tears in my eyes as I laid on my bed I said, “Father, I know you are a good God. Please prove it in my life in Jesus Name.. Amen” and then I closed my eyelids.

That night I had a very strange dream and I that turned my life around. I want to share it with you.

I saw a man in white. (Permit me to be silent on the details of his appearance.)

He was with a bowl filled to the brim with blood. He walked towards me. Then He said to me,

“Do you believe I died for you to be free from every curse and for you to live in total victory?”

I looked at him for a while and then I replied, “what would believing that do for me. Have I not served you for 10 years now? What do I get? I hear of the miracles that you perform in the lives of others. Why is my case different?”

After I was done speaking he said to me again, “Do you believe I died for you to be free from every curse and for you to live in total victory?”

At that moment I knew there was something more to that question, so I told Him,

“I believe! But I am feeling to frustrated now for all these. I have answered your question please answer mine. Why is my case different? I believe sincerely that you have died for me to be free from every curse and for me to live in victory but my life doesn’t show for it and……”

At that moment I noticed that there was now a big screen standing in front of me. And on the screen was a movie of my life in series and episodes. Immediately I was shown how I had toiled and toiled and then how I had cried that night before sleeping. I was shown the interaction I was having with this man in my dream. But something strange happened.

Immediately it got to the point where I had said, ” I believe sincerely that you have died for me to be free from every curse and for me to live in victory….” something happened. There was a sudden pause and the Everything got formatted on the screen and on the previous episodes of my life was written “BLOOD WASHED”

I saw before my eyes how the blood that was in that bowl erased everything gradually but immediately. It kept moving from one episode or another, washing them all till it got to the current episode.

But surprisingly, it kept moving to the future episodes that were still locked. It opened them and on each of them was written “BLOOD BOUGHT” .

And then some future episodes were opened to me to see. I was also given the opportunity to see what it was before and what it was after it became “blood bought”

On every episode there were similar occurrences. On the before, someone would deny me an opportunity or decline on my proposals to them. And then on the after, I would see the same scene and not just that the person who denied me the opportunity in the Before, granted me the opportunity happily, I had their full support and extra opportunities. Again the person who decline my proposal didn’t just approve it with joy but gave me more than enough financial assistance to execute it to my advantage. Time would not permit me to discuss other occurrences I was privileged to watch.

By the time I woke up, I found out that I had only slept for just an hour. My readers, I jumped up with joy and rejoicing….

I kept praising God for the death and resurrection of Jesus just for me. It all began to seem more personal to me than ever. I kept telling myself and reminding myself that I BELIEVE THAT CHRIST HAS PAID IT ALL FOR ME AND THAT THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS SPEAKING FOR ME ALWAYS AMD EVEN NOW

Every time I faced a negative situation, I kept speaking and reassuring myself and also commanding the situation to align with the blood of Jesus.

2 week’s later, people who I had marketed my goods to began to call for purchase. Surprisingly, they were all calling for bulk purchase. Demand exceeded supply eventually. So one day, out of curiosity I asked some of my clients why they preferred to wait till I restock to purchase those items when they could actually purchase them elsewhere. Guess what!

They all told me that they had tried it before and they realized items they buy from me sell faster and with speed a lot more than the same items that they buy elsewhere. READ THE NEXT STORY: DELIVERED BY ANGELS

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