”… Hello Lady!
I got your number from Yemi your friend. She said you would need my help. Want to know who I am? then ask Yemi #smiles. Please meet me at Chicken Delight, Baleko Road, by 2pm tomorrow , so we could discuss. Thanks…”

That was the text that marked a new dawn in my life.
I am Mrs. Carol Segun. I had been job hunting for 6 years and had decided out of fustration to start a buisness. But unfortunately, I did not have enough money as the buisness was a Capital intensive one. In seeking for help, I decided to tell  Yemi about my plan. .

Yemi was my good friend who had been of great help to me. In fact, I practically depended on her for all my financial needs. She didn’t mind. She had it all; a rich family, a good job, a rich boy friend etc.
On several attempts she had tried to get me a job  but it seemed as though I was born without Luck.

Well, I went for the meeting! Sir Segun appeared to be a young, good looking, calm, serious minded and a very rich and influential dude.

”… I am Mr. Segun. Yemi spoke with me 2 weeks ago about you. She told me about your intended buisness. She also told me she would have loved to help, but for the huge amount of capital required and the risk involved. She does not want to risk such amount of money, should incase, the buisness fails. I have given your buisness a thought and I have seen it’s a very lucrative one. I’ll help you with the cash and coach you till the buisness succeeds…”

….those were his exact words.  I sat in front of him dumbfounded. Indeed, I was very grateful and of course, gave in my all to see that the buisness works out.

2 years later, as I sat at the balcony, just enjoying the view, I saw a new, expensive looking car driving into  my compound. Well,  My buisness was growing . It was not easy at first but thanks to Mr. Segun’s help.

I was still staring at the car to know who this unexpected and unfamiliar vistor was, when I screamed with amazement…” Mr. Segun!!!”.
I opened the door to welcome him, but he refused to come in and insisted that we went out together to celebrate his new ride. How could I say No?

‘…Carol,..” …he said with a bold and lovely voice as he dropped his glass of wine on the table,
‘I want you to marry me!..’ he added. I was so confused, I was like, is this not supposed to be an outing to celeberate his new ride? I had barely concluded that thought when Mr. Segun knelt down, and Opened a fanciful but expensive-looking ring box infront of me. I felt a little shy seeing him kneel before me, in a public place. Immediately I looked into the ring box, my shyness disappeared suddenly, as I saw the exact keys to this new car lying inside that box. I jumped up immediately. I was panting……….

YOUNG COUNSELEE : Wow, madam…. that was romantic. wow….
MRS. CAROL: (smiling) …. hhhhmmm (sighs) my dear. I felt that way too. But not all that glitters are gold. Let me continue my dear…

After about a minute, I calmed down. Then I told him…….

After about a minute, I calmed down. Then I told him to stand up, and that I’ll think about it and get back to him. He just smiled. We enjoyed the rest of the evening pretending like nothing had happened.

2 months later, I told him YES. I did not say Yes., because I loved him, but, I did because I had a strong desire to succeed and be like Yemi. So, I felt marrying Mr. Segun would be a bonus to my buisness, my reputation and a step up in my social status. ” Love grows right?” I concluded. “Perhaps, I’ll love him with time” … I felt.

We married in a grandstyle 4 months after. I tried bonding with him on those 4 months but he rather spent all his time and attention focusing on the wedding preparations. At a time, I felt like he did not love me. But, I assumed that he was just too busy. You know how it is with these rich folks and trying to impress the public.

4 years after we got married, Segun began to pressurize me to transfer every official and formal details of my business/company to his name. He claimed that as my husband, he was supposed to claim full ownership of everything I had, including the company.
Days passed, and months passed, and the pressure from him grew worse. So, I decided to give in for peace to reign. But, I kept wondering why as rich and influential Segun was, he was still interested in my assets. ‘ …well, they would do best with him and its still to my benefit anyways…’, I concluded within me.

However, It took me a whole year to discover the skeleton in Segun’s cupboard.
One Saturday Afternoon I returned home without my car because I dropped it at the mechanic. So he obviously didn’t know I was in the house. As I went close to our bedroom, I stepped back a little on hearing what Segun had just said on his phone conversation.

“Oh nooooooo…… This is the worst thing that has happened to me…. Please tell me its not true…. You mean everything?” were the exact statements that prompted my pause. In other not to allow him notice my presence, I went down stairs immediately. I kept pondering about those statements for days and in 6 months the cat in the bag was uncovered.

Segun had been duped and had lost everything he had except my company. At that time my company had grown real big and was well known.

As if the loss was not enough, I discovered Segun took a huge loan from the bank and used the house as collateral. It was at that time I started, for the first time, to investigate Segun. All the while, I just felt I married a Buisness Tycoon. How foolish and desperate I was (sobs)

To cut the Story short, there was more to Segun. Yemi only spoke with Segun to help me financially and help me out with his connections! That’s all!
I suddenly recalled what Yemi had told me when I told her about Segun’s marriage proposal

“….Carol! I am very happy for you. But I advice you get to really know Segun first. You don’t know Segun. I only relate with him because we were secondary school mates, and had a crush for each other then. I spoke to him to help you for old time sake. If I knew it would come to you marrying him, I wouldn’t have done that. Carol, I won’t tell you anything about Segun. You find out yourself, and if you are so sure about this, you can go ahead….’’

This was what I replied her;
“haaa…. Yemiiiiii… haba! I thought you were my friend. So you obviously have been very happy seeing me run to you for money right? So all of a sudden you do not want me to be like you! Thanks for linking me up with Segun anyways. I will marry him and whatever thing I need to know, I already know and if there’s anything else,  I’ll deal with it! In fact, you are not invited for the wedding…. and  do not ever speak  with me again!!!!!!”

I wish I listened….! I was after his wealth and my benefit. Segun was just like a jackpot. He had the pocket of any lady’s dream.

But, two weeks later,  as I was sorting Segun’s clothes so I could take them  to the laundry, something fell out from one of his clothes. Low and behold…. It was cocain!. Standing in shock still try to believe my eyes, I remembered there was a particular box Segun had told me, was his private box and I needed  not to open  it because it was full of receipts only. I did not understand why I suddenly remembered  that box but I decided  to follow the prompting, especially after seeing cocain in my husband’s clothes. “ who knows what next  it would be?” … I muttered  as I lifted up the box..

It was a very weightless, small  rectangular box. It was not fancy looking at all. It was just like an old carton. When I opened  it,  all I saw was receipts as he said. I was about closing the box in disappointment, when it occurred to me that it was necessary to go through these receipts, to know what they were really for, at least to clear some of my suspicions.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (broke down in tears)

YOUNG COUNSELLEE: madam, please what happened? What did you see? MRS CAROL:  They were hotel  receipts ! Under each receipt, he wrote the name of the  lady he was with. Some were illegal receipts and some were just used  cocain  wraps and  so on. But the most shocking was his HIV test report. Segun tested positive. (nods and shakes er head)

I was so broken and then made up my mind that I was going to confront him when he returned.
I paced round the house as I waited for him. I was in biiter tears.

Eventually, he returned. I didn’t even know he was drunk. I just started to blab immediately he stepped. But unfortunately, he beat the hell out of me that evening.

I didn’t rest. In the morning, I confronted him again. That was when Segun opened up. Not to repent, but to shame me.
He said, he didn’t love me and only married me because my business was the only legal thing he had done in his life. He said, if he didn’t marry me, he would never have full control and that I could just possibly refund him his loan and pay him off. On seeing my desperation, he decided to take advantage of the period, when he knew I still needed him around. He said, he knew I would think that by declining his marriage proposal, he would demand for his loan, which at that time I could not repay. He wanted the establishment not me! He also said that, he knew Yemi would warn me,  but he also knew that  in fear of  losing everything I would not listen.

He revealed that he was the reason why I could not conceive because he knew this day would come and would not want any kid entangled in between.  Then He revealed,  he already had 3 kids with another woman , and that I could take my things and leave.

As I attempted to talk back at him,  he got up and  said…
“if you try anything funny, I would upload many of your nude pictures I have on social media with a fake  ID!!!!” …. and then drove out.

I had  no where to go to. We were only married for barely 4 that time..
That was the last time I set my eyes on Segun.. He moved  few of his belongings with him that day.

I hadn’t even been able to figure out what my next step would be, when I received a notice from the bank 2 weeks after Segun left. They had come for their collateral. I was given just 2 weeks to evacuate.

Back to point zero, with no one else to turn to,  I managed to buy a very small bungalow with the money I had. Left. Got a shop and started selling groceries .

6 months later, I had an  unusual and unexpected customer. It was Yemi. She happened to be driving along that way when she decided to check my shop out for a few stuffs she needed.
Infact, I was covered in shame. After narrating my odeal, she decided she would help me. I refused it at first. But, perhaps the desperacy in me had not really been gotten  rid of (laughs). Anyways, She offered me a job in her own company.

Yemi got married a year after I and  Segun married. She is blessed with 2 kids and runs a family business together with her husband..
Yea.. things got better little by little until I discovered unfortunately, that I was already infected with HIV.
I am taking care of myself the best way I can. But , the wound is still very much fresh within…. I forgive him though …. But it still needs time to heal.
(Gets up….) ….

‘’My dear, I have to go now, lets meet again next week and discuss about the issue you earlier spoke to me about. For now,  please just ponder on my story, observe it with care and ensure you never make the same mistakes.. Thank you1Bye!
YOUNG COUNSELEE:  Thamk you ma ( steps out dumbfoumded, wearing a very sad face)…



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