MY HUSBAND, MY BOSS final part

MRS CAROL:  They were hotel  receipts ! Under each receipt, he wrote the name of the  lady he was with. Some were illegal receipts and some were just used  cocain  wraps and  so on. But the most shocking was his HIV test report. Segun tested positive. (nods and shakes er head)


I was so broken and then made up my mind that I was going to confront him when he returned.
I paced round the house as I waited for him. I was in biiter tears.

Eventually, he returned. I didn’t even know he was drunk. I just started to blab immediately he stepped. But unfortunately, he beat the hell out of me that evening.

I didn’t rest. In the morning, I confronted him again. That was when Segun opened up. Not to repent, but to shame me.
He said, he didn’t love me and only married me because my business was the only legal thing he had done in his life. He said, if he didn’t marry me, he would never have full control and that I could just possibly refund him his loan and pay him off. On seeing my desperation, he decided to take advantage of the period, when he knew I still needed him around. He said, he knew I would think that by declining his marriage proposal, he would demand for his loan, which at that time I could not repay. He wanted the establishment not me! He also said that, he knew Yemi would warn me,  but he also knew that  in fear of  losing everything I would not listen.

He revealed that he was the reason why I could not conceive because he knew this day would come and would not want any kid entangled in between.  Then He revealed,  he already had 3 kids with another woman , and that I could take my things and leave.

As I attempted to talk back at him,  he got up and  said…
“if you try anything funny, I would upload many of your nude pictures I have on social media with a fake  ID!!!!” …. and then drove out.

I had  no where to go to. We were only married for barely 4 that time..
That was the last time I set my eyes on Segun.. He moved  few of his belongings with him that day.

I hadn’t even been able to figure out what my next step would be, when I received a notice from the bank 2 weeks after Segun left. They had come for their collateral. I was given just 2 weeks to evacuate.

Back to point zero, with no one else to turn to,  I managed to buy a very small bungalow with the money I had. Left. Got a shop and started selling groceries .

6 months later, I had an  unusual and unexpected customer. It was Yemi. She happened to be driving along that way when she decided to check my shop out for a few stuffs she needed.
Infact, I was covered in shame. After narrating my odeal, she decided she would help me. I refused it at first. But, perhaps the desperacy in me had not really been gotten  rid of (laughs). Anyways, She offered me a job in her own company.

Yemi got married a year after I and  Segun married. She is blessed with 2 kids and runs a family business together with her husband..
Yea.. things got better little by little until I discovered unfortunately, that I was already infected with HIV.
I am taking care of myself the best way I can. But , the wound is still very much fresh within…. I forgive him though …. But it still needs time to heal.
(Gets up….) ….

‘’My dear, I have to go now, lets meet again next week and discuss about the issue you earlier spoke to me about. For now,  please just ponder on my story, observe it with care and ensure you never make the same mistakes.. Thank you1Bye!
YOUNG COUNSELEE:  Thamk you ma ( steps out dumbfoumded, wearing a very sad face)…




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