Yesterday, my wife came hurriedly into our bedroom holding a pen and a book…

On sighting her, I immediately felt that she wanted to make her market list as usual. So, I looked back into the magazine that I was reading.


She came closer… But this time a little slower. So, I muttered “Please include a pack of shaving stick. That’s all I want dear”

She responded with a smile but there was guilt all over her face.

“What’s the matter dear?” I asked.

Then she stretched the little book towards me as though she wanted me to take a look at what she’s written.

Still wondering about what she wanted me to see, I took the book from her. Behold, all I saw was a very long list of items with their various prices.

“Please explain…” I said staring at her in amazement.

Then she broke down….

“Honey I just realized that we are out of cash. I was trying to remember how the money was spent so I jotted a few that I could remember.”

“I don’t understand …” I said feeling very uneasy
“Do you mean the money I gave you to cater for the home for 3 months was spent in just a week?
What did you buy?” I yelled.

I grabbed the book this time with all seriousness and went through every item on the list.

“Oh….. This is the problem…..

You spent over 80% of the money in buying petty food stuffs. You could have saved 60% of what you spent if you had gone to the market to buy things in bulk. You just kept buying rice, beans, Garri etc. ..  In cups and baskets.

Think big and think wise woman. Wise women buy foodstuffs in bulk in other to save more. Foolish women buy foodstuffs in bits to save none.”


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