…continuation from Part 3. He grew old and when he was about to die he called his most loyal servant and placed him in charge of every thing he had because his wife was unable to conceive a child.

He told the servant the story behind his success and what his father had passed into him. And then he said aloud “I transfer what I have to you. Do this to all your children and make sure it passes down from generation to generation” and then he died”.

This servant was so happy and claimed it. He did 8times better than the late prince, his master who had just died.

But something happened. 10 years later, a boy of about 12 years old strolled into the house of the late prince.

When this servant saw him and enquired of him the reason why he came, he said “my mother said this is my house”.

He looked at the woman standing by the boy with surprise and then she spoke out saying “ do you remember me? 2 years before your master died he sent you to me. Can you remember the concubine he sent you to pay off? I am the one. I was pregnant but because I had already been paid off I decided to keep the baby all by myself. Well, here he is”

The servant became very angry and jealous and so he sent them away but they didn’t give up. They kept coming around until one day a servant to the new master who also served under the late prince called the boy and his mother outside and told them to stop coming. READ FINAL PART NOW