…continuation from Part 2 But his father remained calm and with the very last breath he had, he screamed…. “I have all things that I need…..” and immediately the environment began to change and the atmosphere changed. And in no time, the entire place began to turn into a paradise as he stretched forth his hands and spoke. It was at this point the prince woke up.

He immediately remembered that his father had transferred what he had to him (the prince) before he (the father and late king) had died. All the while the prince never knew what his father had transferred to him until he had the dream.

So he got up with the little strength he had left, knowing now that he was far better of in the desert than in the captivity of his enemy.

As he spoke aloud, “I have all that I need!” he began to turn around and low his eyes caught a glimpse of a near by village. He had never looked in that direction through out the 2 days he had spent on that spot.

It was as if some strength came inside of him and he began to move towards the village. When he got to the village he met a villager who showed him sincere and genuine hospitality and took him into his home, and gave him a small piece of land to farm, and in just 2 years he was so successful. His crops were the best and most sort after by the villagers and residents of neighboring villages.

He moved into his own house, acquired more expanse of land, employed servants and got married to the daughter of the man who had taken him in, in just 2 years READ PART 4 NOW