There lived a king who was very rich. His wealth was a great mystery and no one could understand it either. Everything worked for him. He was the greatest at that time.

He had so many servants and had everything done whenever and however he wanted it.

When he was about to die, he called his only son, who happened to be his only child. He touched the head of his son and said “I transfer what I have to you. Do this to all your children and make sure it passes down from generation to generation”.

After the king died, a war broke out which caused the entire kingdom to go into slavery. Fortunately for the Late King’s son, he was able to escape captivity. One of the armies who were assigned to watch over him told him that there was something upon him that makes him (the army) feel like setting him (the prince) free.

He said he had a dream the night before the war broke out and saw that there was a very big and tall person, dressed in white and holding a golden sword beside him (the prince). He also said that he saw this big person killing anything or anyone that tried to harm him (the prince). Then coincidentally, that morning he was ordered by their commandant to take charge of capturing the prince. He also went on to tell the prince that, the moment they had the prince captured, he kept having flash backs to the dream and that he’d rather lose his job than to be killed. As a result of that dream, he knew that it’s either he sets the prince free and loses his job or the invisible big person who guards the prince would have him killed for the prince to be freed. So, he helped the prince escape.

The prince ran very far and found himself in a desert looking place. No food, no water, no family, just him alone.

He went on like that for 2 days. He was so hungry and weak that he began to wish he never escaped. At least he was given food in the prison. Though it was tasteless, it seemed far better than his present condition at the desert.

One particular evening, he had a dream where he saw his late father; the king, in a place that looked worse than a desert. In fact, there was no air in that place. But his father remained calm and with the very last breath he had, he screamed…. “I have all things that I need…..” . Immediately, the environment began to change and the atmosphere changed. And in no time, the entire place began to turn into a paradise as he stretched forth his hands and spoke  some words. It was at this point the prince woke up.

On waking up, he suddenly remembered that his father had transferred what he had to him (the prince) before he (the father and late king) had died. All the while, the prince had never really known the value of what his father had transferred to him until that dream.

So he got up with the little strength he had left. Knowing now that he was far better in the desert than in the captivity of his enemy, he spoke aloud, “I have all that I need!”. As he began to look around to see if anything spectacular had happened, his eyes caught a glimpse of a near by village. He actually hadn’t looked in that direction, during the 2 days he had spent on that spot.

It was as if some strength suddenly came inside of him. And he began to move towards the village. When he got to the village, he met a villager who showed him sincere and genuine hospitality. This person took him into his home, and gave him a small piece of land to farm. And in just 2 years he was so successful. His farm produce were the best and most sort after by the villagers and residents of neighboring villages.

In just 2 years, he moved into his own house, acquired more expanse of land, employed servants and got married to the daughter of the man who had taken him in. He fell sick and when he was about to die he called his most loyal servant and placed him in charge of every thing he had because his wife did not conceive.

He told the servant the story behind his success and what his father had passed to him. And then he said aloud “I transfer what I have to you. Do this to all your children and make sure it passes down from generation to generation” and then he died”.

This servant was so happy. He claimed it and did 8times better than the late prince and master.

But something happened. 10 years later, a boy of about 12 years old strolled into the house of the late prince.

When this servant saw him, He asked him who he who was. Then he replied “my mother said this is my house”.

The servant looked at the woman standing by the boy with surprise. And then she spoke out saying “do you remember me? 2 years before your master died he sent you to me. Can you remember the concubine he sent you to pay off? I am the one. I was pregnant but because I had already been paid off I decided to keep the baby all by myself. Well, here he is

The servant became very angry and jealous. And so he sent them away. But they didn’t give up. They kept coming around until one day, a servant to the new master who also served under the late prince called the boy and his mother outside and told them to stop coming. He said that the day the late prince died, he was very present and heard all that he told the cruel and greedy new master. He said the late prince wouldn’t have transferred the blessing to the current new master, only if he knew he had a son. S he told them everything that he had witnessed when the prince was about to die.