IT IS MINE final part

…continuation Part 4. He said that the day the late prince died, he was very present and heard all that he told the cruel and greedy new master only if he knew he had a son. He told them everything.

But they were disappointed on hearing that the blessing had been passed on to a servant who has actually claimed complete ownership of everything.

That night the 12 year old boy wept. He felt more rejected and fatherless than he felt before.

The worse part was that his mother was very sick and at that time they had spent all they had yet to no avail. 2 years later his mom died and he was out in the street completely and then he had a dream on one particular night. Before that night, he had not eaten for some days and there was no shelter and no one to run to.

In the dream he saw his late father. He saw him transfer the blessing to his servant and then he woke up.

He kept pondering on it and then it suddenly occurred to him that his father had used the word “you” and didn’t call out the name of the servant when transferring the blessing. In other words, the blessing had gone to the heir whether present or absent and that the servant only succeeds in his endeavors just because he believes he has received the blessing not that it was actually transferred to him.

So from that day the 14 year old boy told himself that he has the blessing and he began to speak “I have everything I need” and his life changed. He was so successful that had the cruel servant who seized his father’s property and seemingly succeeded in his endeavors just by believing that the blessing had been transferred to him, employed in one of his business outlet about 3 years later.

This is the power of sonship. This is what it means to be co-heirs with Christ Jesus. That blessing of the Lord that maketh rich and adds no sorrow is on you and you’d see it manifest once you see your self as a son/ daughter of God, believe you have the Blessing and speak the blessing on your life and endeavors.


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